Bond Air Services

Halton G-AHDS

Operated from c.Jun 1946 to Oct 1951

Main Base – Gatwick

Founder/Director – Mr D.E. Bond

Bond Air Services was for the most part, a freight carrying airline that made a name for itself during the Berlin Airlift flying essential supplies to the beleaguered population of the Western sector of this city. As many as twelve, former RAF Halifax and Halton aircraft were put into service freighting mostly fuel oil carried in under belly panniers that had been fitted by SEN’s very own Aviation Traders. In fact, a considerable number of the planes belonged to ATL whose owner Freddy Laker at the time, did not have the facilities nor the infrastructure in place to carry out airline operations and instead, leased these aircraft out to Bond for an equal share of the profits.

With the Berlin Airlift over, the remaining Halton and Halifax freighters then returned from Germany and were for a time based at Southend although little in the way of work was forthcoming and by the end of 1949, the fleet had been reduced to all but two aircraft. These aircraft flew a number of textile flights from Lille to Southend until April and June respectively after which they were finally returned to Aviation Traders who immediately withdrew them before scrapping them not long afterwards. Bond however would continue to operate until 1951, flying freight and passenger charters from Gatwick and Skegness with a small fleet of D.H Rapide and Express aircraft.


Bond Air Services fleet from 1947-1949

All aircraft marked * were leased from Aviation Traders

Handley-Page Halton

G-AHDN* – 7/48 to 3/49

WFU 3/49 and B/U at SEN 11/50

G-AHDO* – 3/49 to 6/49

WFU and B/U at SEN 11/50

G-AHDP* – 7/48 to 4/49

DBR Berlin, Germany

G-AHDS* – 7/48 to 6/49

WFU and B/U 3/51

G-AHDT* – 7/48 to 11/49

B/U for spares in Germany 11/49

G-AHDU* – 7/48 to 6/49

B/U SEN 7/50

Handley-Page Halifax Mk8

G-AIOH – 5/47 to 5/47

Crashed in Barcelona

G-AIOI – 3/48 to 2/49

DBR taxing at Tegel, Berlin

G-AIWN – 5/49 to 5/50

WFU at SEN 2/50 and B/U 5/50

G-AIZO – 5/49 to 5/48

Crashed in Bedfordshire 23/5/48

G-AJNX – 2/48 to 5/48

Sold to Pakistan Airways

Handley-Page Halifax Mk9

G-ALON* – Used during Berlin Airlift

B/U SEN 6/50

G-ALOS* – Used during Berlin Airlift

B/U SEN 7/49

D.H.86 Express

G-ADUH – 10/47 to 2/51

Sold to Aerocontacts Ltd

G-ADVJ – 10/47 to 2/51

Sold to Aerocontacts Ltd

D.H. 89 Dragon Rapide

G-AKOG – 11/50 to 10/51

Sold to A Mechin of Northern Rhodesia as VP-RCH


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