Viking G-AHOZ

Vickers 657 Viking 1 – c/n 129

With EAFS/Channel from May 1958 to Apr 1964

Former Eagle Airways, Vickers 614 Viking G-AHOZ was delivered from Manchester to Southend on 12th May 1958. She operated her first revenue flight to Basle on June 1st and would henceforth continue to operate on these deep penetration routes into the centre of Western Europe and to the coastal airports of Ostend and Rotterdam. By 1960, this Viking had established herself along with the rest of the Viking fleet and the Bristol Wayfarers, hauling early season passengers to the tulip fields of Rotterdam while Ostend and the Channel Islands would also see a vast increase in traffic and thus operations as the weather grew increasingly balmy. Sufficed to say, she would still fly the occasional cargo flight making a number of trips in mid-July 1960 carrying newspapers between Manchester and Belfast while on August 17th, she would carry 3 tons of live, tropical fish and bulbs back from Holland.

As during most winter seasons, the Vikings would be withdrawn and Oscar Zulu was no exception. She flew again in April 1961, taking yet more horticulturally inclined aficionados and admirers of spring greenery to the Netherlands while the Basle route would again be opened by this aircraft on May 20th. G-AHOZ was also given the honour of opening a new route, this time a nightly passenger service between SEN and Munich which began 6 days later on May 26th. As in previous years, this Viking would once more settle into a regular schedule of flying to Ostend, Rotterdam and the Channel Islands during the week with the weekend being mainly restricted to Basle, Rotterdam and any other ad-hoc charters that may have come her way. Such a charter took place during June when she flew a small number of people to Hamburg and back.

By July ’62, Oscar Zulu had also become something of an irregular sight on the Manchester to Ostend service while freight services were still being undertaken too. A rail strike in early October would see a number of independents including Channel committing several aircraft to the lifting of full loads of mail, papers and periodicals between Gatwick and Cardiff. She would continue to plod on into the winter, mostly back on the cross-Channel services and while most of the routes would die down over the colder months, she would continue to service Rotterdam until the 2nd January 1963 when she made her final flight for the airline. She was subsequently WFU and stored before being B/U 3 months later in April 1964 with the Basildon Salvage Company removing her remains on the 14th.


History of G-AHOZ

6/46 to 11/46

Ministry of Supply

11/46 to 2/48


2/48 to 12/48

Ministry of Supply

12/48 to 2/50

Aviation Traders (Conv to Type 657)

2/50 to 9/51

British West Indian Airways as VP-TAZ

9/51 to 9/57

Central African Airways as VP-YJA

9/57 to 5/58

Eagle Aviation as G-AHOZ

5/58 to 4/64

Channel Airways


WFU at Southend 1/63 – B/U 4/64


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