Viking G-AJJN

Vickers 636 Viking 1B – c/n 289

With Channel from Aug 1959 to Apr 1964

On the July 28th 1959, Viking G-AHPH was making an approach to Southend on a return trip from Ostend and on lowering her undercarriage, the starboard oleo refused to lock into position. The subsequent landing resulted in the gear collapsing and the aircraft being written off due to a cracked main spar, leaving Channel one plane short for their busy summer schedule which was already well under way. As luck would have it Continental, who were at the time operating from SEN, had a spare Viking to hand and thus G-AJJN became part of the Channel fleet and by August, she was flying services to Ostend and Rotterdam for her new owner.

Nineteen sixty one would also be a rather busy and a more mixed passenger/cargo year for Juliet November, starting the season with yet more bulb flights in April and May while opening the Manchester-Ostend service on June 5th. By mid-June she was making newspaper runs between Manchester and Belfast along with a number of other Channel Vikings, while August 16th would see her hauling 3 tons of meat and vegetables back from Rotterdam. However, she would also continue to maintain services to Ostend and the Channel Islands, while in October, she would fly pilgrims to Tarbes on the 8th, accompanied by Air Condor Viking G-AKTU not long after which, she was withdrawn for the winter season.

Her final year would see her being restored to fly bulb trips to Rotterdam, both from Southend and Exeter during April and May. She would also be instrumental in opening further routes including the longer distance, I.T. charters to Strasbourg and Treviso on May 6th and June 3rd respectively. She was chosen for these services due to her slightly superior performance when compared to the other Vikings while at home, she would reopen the Manchester to Ostend service on May 21st 1961. As for the summer, weekdays would see her operating to the Channel Islands, Ostend and Rotterdam, while at the weekends she would operate the aforementioned, long distance charters including Hannover which she flew in June. She made her last flight for the airline in October 1961 and was finally WFU. Yet, despite serving Channel for more than two years, pictures of her in this livery seem to be extremely rare.


History of G-AJJN

12/49 to 12/54


12/54 to 12/57


12/57 to 8/59

Continental Air Services

8/59 to 4/64

Channel Airways


WFU at Southend 10/61 and B/U 4/64


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