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By the end of the 1960s, BOAC had disposed of most of its Bristol Britannias and as a result, many of them ended up in the hands of a good number of second or even third hand owners, both in the U.K. and abroad. However, these large turboprops would quite naturally require ongoing maintenance and spares. So, in much the same way that fellow Southend engineering firm BKS had previously snapped up all of BEA’s unwanted Viking spares, thus turning the airport into a magnet for these aircraft, ATEL would likewise procure a large quantity of BOAC’s remaining Britannia parts and from the mid ’60s onwards, Southend became something of a focal point for many of the world’s remaining Britannias whose owners were only too happy to join a ‘Parts and Maintenance Pool’ set up by ATEL, which for a financial contribution would permit them to share in the remaining spoils.

A few airlines would however, not become part of this pool. British Eagle and Cubana are two examples, although Eagle’s G-APYY did put in an appearance at ATEL on September 30th 1960 while Cubana’s Britannias were also seen at SEN from time to time. On one particular visit, the latter airline caused something of a stir with the authorities as a story related by Graham Mee reveals. “As most who are familiar with SEN know, any attempt to land on the 24 end of the runway invariably results in a rather low approach close to Foulness Island which has for many years been used as a Ministry of Defence projectile research facility. During the Cold War period, policy dictated that the air defence authorities needed to be appraised of any aircraft from Warsaw Pact or Communist countries that were due to visit Southend and as such, these aircraft were as a rule routed further to the north, usually via Clacton. However, having undergone maintenance work at SEN, a Cuban crew took off on a test flight and on their return to Southend, came in extremely low over Foulness which resulted in the aircraft being temporarily impounded by the British authorities while certain checks were made to ensure that no improprieties had occurred”.

Below you will find a list of the Britannia operators who made use of this exclusive ‘club’ and below that, other operators that ATEL had separate maintenance contracts with. Most of these airlines have not been included in the ‘SEN Visitors’ menu as their visits were invariably few and far between. These listings are not an attempt to imply that all aircraft visited SEN. However, those that are know to have visited are marked with a * next to each reg. Please also note that Britannias that were on short term leases of less than a year, have not been included.

With many thanks to Richard Goring and Graham Mee for their help with providing information for this page.


Britannia Pool Members


British United Airways Britannia Fleet


Britannia G-APNB zooms in for a landing.

G-ANCD* – 7/60 to 1/69

Ex-Air Charter Ltd – TFR to BUA 1/7/60 – Sold to Lloyd International

G-ANCE* – 7/60 to 1/69

Ex-Air Charter Ltd – TFR to BUA 1/7/60 – Sold to Lloyd International

G-ANCH*– 6/65 to 10/66

Leased from Ghana Airways

G-AOVE*– 9/61 to 4/64

Leased from B.O.A.C

G-AOVI*– 9/61 to 7/64

Leased from B.O.A.C

G-APNA* – 7/60 to 10/67

Ex-Hunting Clan – TFR to BUA 1/7/60 – Sold to Donaldson International

G-APNB* – 7/60 to 10/67

Ex-Hunting Clan – TFR to BUA 1/7/60 – Sold to Donaldson International

G-ARWZ*– 3/62 to 3/65

Leased from El-Al

G-ARXA – 3/62 to 3/64

Leased from El-Al


Caledonian Britannia Fleet


Britannia G-AOVH at SEN during October 1966, having received an upgraded livery.

G-AOVH* – 3/65 to 4/68

Ex-B.O.A.C – Sold to Monarch Airlines

G-AOVI* – 12/64 to 2/68

Ex-B.O.A.C – Sold to Monarch Airlines

G-AOVJ* – 11/69 to 11/70

Ex-B.O.A.C – Sold to Donaldson International

G-ASTF* – 2/66 to 11/69

Ex-Canadian Pacific – WFU and B/U Gatwick 10/70

G-ATMA* – 12/65 to 4/71

Ex-Canadian Pacific – Sold to IAS Cargo

G-ATNZ* – 1/66 to 3/71

Ex-Canadian Pacific – Sold to IAS Cargo


Donaldson International Britannia Fleet


Britannia G-APNB glides over Eastwoodbury Lane for a landing on the former 06 end of SEN’s runway.

G-AOVC*– 5/69 to 9/70

Ex-B.O.A.C – Donated to Trade & Industry Fire School, Stansted

G-AOVF*– 4/70 to 12/72

Leased from Monarch until 7/72 – Sold to IAS Cargo

G-AOVJ*– 11/69 to 12/70

Ex-Caledonian – WFU at Stansted and parts donated to fire school

G-APNA* – 10/67 to 10/72

Ex-BUA – WFU 5/72 – Sold to IAS Cargo

G-APNB*– 10/67 to 10/71

Ex-BUA – WFU 3/71 – Sold to Airline Engineering Services


Globe Air Britannia Fleet

Britannia HB-ITC waits outside the ATEL hangar in October 1966 before her delivery to African Safari Airways.

HB-ITB*– 4/64 to 4/67

CFIT during approach to Nicosia, Cyprus 20/4/67

HB-ITC*– 3/65 to 12/67

Sold to African Safari Airways as 5X-UVH


Lloyd International Britannia Fleet


Britannia G-AOVP parked at SEN on August 11th 1965 awaiting checks with ATEL.

G-AOVP*– 4/65 to 7/73

Ex-B.O.A.C – ATEL cargo door conv 12/67 – WFU Stansted 6/72 – Sold to IAS Cargo

G-AOVS* – 7/65 to 12/73

Ex-B.O.A.C – WFU Stansted 8/72 – Sold to Aivex Holdings

G-APNA*– 10/67 to 3/69

Leased from Donaldson International

G-ANCD* – 1/69 to 7/73

Ex-BUA – WFU Stansted 6/72 – Sold to Shackleton Aviation

G-ANCE*– 2/69 to 6/73

Ex-BUA – WFU Stansted 6/72 – Sold to Monarch Airlines


TransGlobe Britannia Fleet


Britannia G-ATLE parked at Gatwick on March 22nd 1969 after the collapse of the airline.

G-ANCC – 5/66 to ?/68

Ex-Aeronaves de Mexico – Sold to IAS Cargo

G-ANCH – 1/67 to 2/68

Leased from Ghana Airways

G-ATGD* – 8/65 to 6/69

Ex-Canadian Pacific – Sold to African Safari Airways as 5X-UVH

G-ATLE* – 11/65 to 12/69

Ex-Canadian Pacific – Sold to IAS Cargo


Other Britannia Operators


Aer Turas Britannia Fleet


Britannia EI-BAA arrives at Southend during April 1975

EI-BAA* – 5/74 to 4/79

Formerly G-ANCE of IAS Cargo – WFU 4/79 and B/U 5/81

EI-BBH – 6/75 to 11/81

Formerly RAF XM491 – Sold to Domaine de Katali as 9Q-CMO


African Safari Airways Britannia Fleet


5X-UVH departs SEN for delivery to A.S.A. on May 11th 1967, having undergone an overhaul and refinishing.

5X-UVH* – 12/67 to 5/75

Formerly HB-ITC of Globe Air – Eventually wfu at STN and donated to Stansted Fire School 6/75

5X-UVT – 9/69 to 4/71

Formerly G-ATGD of Transglobe – WFU at Biggin Hill 4/71 and scrapped 12/71


Air Spain Britannia Fleet

Some of Air Spain’s Britannias were known to have visited SEN at least once

EC-BFJ*– 10/66 to 4/73

Sold to IAS Cargo

EC-BFK – 11/66 to 9/73

WFU 1972 – Sold to International Aviation Services

EC-BFL*– 3/67 to 9/73

WFU 1972 – Sold to International Aviation Services

EC-BSY – 3/69 to 11/71

Sold to the MoD as XX367


Canadian Pacific Britannia Fleet


Britannia CF-CZD at SEN during January 1966.

CF-CZA* – 4/58 to 5/65

Arrived at SEN 15/5/65 for Air Links but ntu – Leased by BUA from 7/7 to 23/7 – reg as G-ATGD 9/7/65 – TFR to Transglobe 9/8/65

CF-CZC* – 5/58 to 6/65

Arrived at SEN 17/6/65 for Air Links but ntu – TFR to Transglobe as G-ATLE 30/11/65

CF-CZD* – 6/58 to 1/66

Arrived at SEN 7/1/66 for Caledonian – Delivered as G-ATNZ 31/1/66

CF-CZX* – 8/58 to 1/66

Arrived at SEN 28/11/65 for Caledonian – Delivered as G-ATMA 28/12/65

CF-CZW* – 7/58 to 12/65

Arrived at SEN 28/6/65 for Caledonian -Delivered 23/1/66 as G-ASTF


Ceskoslovenske Aerolinie (C.S.A) Britannia Fleet


C.S.A. Britannia OK-MBB departing SEN on September 2nd 1966.

OK-MBA – 10/61 to 5/64

Leased from Cubana

OK-MBB* – 11/63 to 1/69

Leased from Cubana


Cubana Britannia Fleet


Britannia CU-T670 at SEN on 17th June 1970. Most of Cubana’s Britannias visited Southend at one time or another.

CU-P668 – 12/58 to ?/??

WFU and scrapped in 1997, Havana, Cuba

CU-P669* – 2/59 to ?/87

WFU and scrapped, Havana, Cuba

CU-P670* – 5/59 to ?/??

WFU and scrapped, Havana, Cuba

CU-P671* – 8/59 to 4/81

WFU and scrapped, Havana, Cuba

CU-T668 – 12/58 to ?/??

WFU and scrapped in 1997, Havana, Cuba

CU-T669* – 2/59 to 5/84

Sold to Aerocaribbean as CU-T114

CU-T670* – 5/59 to ?/??

WFU and scrapped, Havana, Cuba

CU-T671* – 8/59 to 4/81

WFU and scrapped, Havana, Cuba


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