Within the drop down menu below, you will find a comprehensive history of the airlines and the aircraft that over a period slightly more than 50 years, operated for this successful hierarchy of airlines. The story begins in circa October 1951 and Freddy Laker’s purchase of Air Charter as a going yet failing concern, whose fortunes he would quickly turn around with the help of his Southend based company Aviation Traders. This airline has however been listed separately.

This section will endeavour to cover the history of:

Channel Air Bridge (CAB)

which then takes up the torch with operations that started under Air Charter as ‘Air Bridge’ in 1955 and officially operated under this name from February 1959 to January 1963

British United Air Ferries (BUAF)

which later emerged from an amalgamation of two BUA assets, namely the aforementioned CAB and Silver City whose operations continued under this banner until October 1967

British Air Ferries (BAF)

which became the longest lasting entity, this name appearing prior to the the airline parting company with the BUA group. BAF went on to operate for 25 years until a reorganisation was required, resulting in one final name change in 1993.

British World Airlines (BWA)

which would be the last airline in this family tree, operating up until December 2001 – its demise a result of the downturn in air traffic after 9/11.