The Museum


By clicking on the three drop-down menu tabs, you will find information relating to the Historical Aircraft Museum that made its home on Aviation Way in Southend during the period May 1972 through to May 1983 when the museum finally auctioned off all of its remaining exhibits .

‘The Museum’

Here you will find a brief history of the museum itself including information relevant to the complex that it was built within.

‘The Aircraft’

This section will lead you to the individual histories of the rarest or most significant aircraft that were on display during the aforementioned period. Here, you will also find details of most, if not all of the lesser types in the ‘Others’ page.

‘The End’

The final tab deals with the museum’s demise and the subsequent disposal of its many airframes. Included are details of the sale of the main exhibits, while an attempt has also been made to list most significant loan aircraft and their fates as of 2017.


Please note that ‘The Aircraft’ section will remain under construction, pending the addition of more materials