Vickers 812 Viscount – c/n 361

With Channel from May 1967 to Feb 1972

November Juliet had a rather short and unremarkable career with Channel, being one of several Viscount that had been removed from service by the end of the 60s. Arriving on May 25th 1967, her first flight was to Ostend on June 12th after which, she went into service on the high traffic routes to the Low Countries and many of the I.T charter services for the ’67 summer season. The following January, she would be leased to Air Ferry (along with Viscount Hotel Echo) who painted her up in their own livery and it was with this airline that she would remain for the entire ’68 season, even flying a good number of services to and from Southend in the process. Come November 11th, she was back with Channel where she would remain idle during which time, her original livery would be restored.

G-AVNJ Air Ferry

The year 1969 would see her departing SEN again, although this time just for a short, one month stint with BMA. By the beginning of June, she was back at Southend flying on the Channel Island routes and she would also fly a charter to Palma. November Juliet would also spend more time flying from Stansted where nearly all of Channel’s I.T flights were now departing from and during the summer she would operate routes from here to Gerona, Salzburg and Zurich. At other times, she would fly the cross-Channel services which more increasingly started from Stansted while often making the short hop to Southend to pick up more passengers before heading off across the water.

However, due to a severe economic turn down that affected the UK during the late 60s and early 70s, Channel was beginning to drastically cut back its services and quite naturally, less aircraft were required as a result of this. As the decade drew to a close, around half of Channel’s Viscount fleet would be removed from operations in the hope that at least some of them would be reinstated again, if and when things eventually picked up. Sadly though, economic issues would not present the only problems. Fierce competition from both the national carriers and the other independents who were clamouring to serve the I.T charter sector would seal both Channel’s and NJ’s fate and thus on October 23rd 1969 after returning from Jersey, she was WFU and never flew again. No longer being airworthy once the receivers were called in after Channel’s demise, she was finally broken up and scrapped by Alidair for spares during the spring of 1972.


History of G-AVNJ

10/58 – 5/67

Continental Air Lines

5/67 – 2/72

Channel Airways

2/72 to 5/72

Kenneth R. Cork (Receiver)


WFU at SEN 10/69 and later sold to Alidair for spares – B/U 6/72


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