Vickers 812 Viscount – c/n 364

With Channel from Mar 1967 to May 1968

Viscount Papa Uniform arrived at Southend on March 19th 1967 and within less than a month she had entered service with Channel, making her first revenue flight to Rotterdam on April 15th. It was on both this and the Ostend route that she would spend much of the rest of her summer until being temporarily withdrawn for the winter. The new season began in earnest during April 1968 and she would again commence flying to Rotterdam in all likelihood, flying on the popular bulb trip charters that were then all the rage at this time of year. However on a rainy May 5th, returning from a trip to Rotterdam she landed long on Southend’s soaking wet and rather short runway and ran off of the end, coming to a somewhat ignominious rest on a grass embankment that had recently been constructed to prevent excursions such as these, onto the London-Southend railway track. The aircraft broke into two pieces and while the plane was full, thankfully there were no fatalities. Papa Uniform was subsequently carted away and scrapped. You can read more about the accident itself in the ‘Prangs’ menu above.


Viscount G-APPU


History of G-APPU

3/59 – 3/67

Continental Air Lines

3/67 – 5/68

Channel Airways


DBR after aquaplaning of off the runway while landing at SEN – 4/5/68 and quickly scrapped. (See ‘Prangs’ for more details)


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