748 G-ATEI

Hawker Siddeley 748-222 Sr2A – c/n 1586

With Channel from Nov 1965 to Aug 1970

By September 1965, two 748s stood ready to be delivered to Channel, although much like its first acquisition – Echo Hotel, Echo India would also initially be sent off on lease, this particular aircraft going to Leeward Islands Air Transport for a winter in the Caribbean sun. She would eventually arrive at Southend 10 days before her sister ship on May 20th 1966 and it didn’t take long for her to enter service, heading off on her first trip to Le Bourget the following day. From the outset, she would go to work on the Southend-Ipswich feeder route while also plying the routes through Portsmouth but by 1967, she had been called upon to periodically assist the Viscounts on the I.T charter network to Barcelona, Bordeaux, Perpignan, Rimini and Valencia, while also intermittently flying feeders between Castle Donington and Southend. However, it was not all sweat and toil and once again, Channel took advantage of an airshow to display its new equipment and as such, Echo India put in an appearance at the Paris extravaganza during June 1967.

The month of June ’67 would also see a new service between Bournemouth to the Channel Islands being introduced, Echo India opening this route on June 12th 1967. Another airport in the region would also start to see more in the way of Channel services from the end of August as two accidents at Portsmouth on the 15th had more or less convinced the board of directors that H.S 748 operations to this airport were no longer safe during inclement weather and all future services would be re-routed to Southampton instead during such times when rain threatened. October of this year would also see the end of 748 feeder services between Ipswich and Southend, with Echo India flying the very last trip on the 17th, although operations would inevitably continue with the smaller Herons and on occasion, Channel’s single Dove.

As 1969 dawned, Channel began its Scottish Flyer service which would primarily use a Viscount for most of the flights while the sole remaining, H.S 748 Echo India would fly the route during quieter, off-peak times. She was adorned in the appropriate livery and made her first flight on January 22nd but, as was suspected, the route would never become a major hit with its intended focus group of passengers and by May 14th, she had been withdrawn. With little else remaining in the way of work, she would spend the rest of her Channel career on lease to other airlines and nine days later, she made a test flight before departing for Canada to serve with Transair, remaining there until November 21st 1969. On her return to Southend, she was immediately put into storage and wasn’t reactivated again until the following May for another lease, this time with Rousseau Aviation in France. By the 19th August she was home again, but within a month she had been sold and left Southend forever in September to spend the rest of her service life in the Philippines.


History of G-ATEI

11/65 to 9/70

Channel Airways

9/70 to 5/75

Philippine Airlines as PI-C1029 (rr to RP-C1029 11/74)


Crashed just after take off from Manilla, Philippines 10/5/75


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