Viscount G-AMOH

Vickers 701 Viscount – c/n 21

With Channel from Dec 1963 to Oct 1965

G-AMOH was yet another Viscount that would be purchased by Channel and rather than immediately entering service with her owner, would instead be dispatched to British Eagle. She sat idle at Heathrow for 3 months before finally being delivered to Southend on February 3rd 1964, where she was refinished and then delivered to her lessor on the 19th. She was subsequently put to work plying British Eagle’s routes from Heathrow and Liverpool until finally arriving back at Southend on April 2nd 1965. Five days later and after almost 18 months of ownership, she would finally make her first flight for Channel on a bulb trip between Southend and Rotterdam and in the process, also opening the year’s services on behalf of Clarkson’s Tours.

On the 12th, Oscar Hotel would make the year’s first flight between Birmingham and Rotterdam which she would frequently fly up until the end of May. She would then go on to operate I.T services, the first being flown on April 17th between Southend and Valencia and as such, she spent the rest of the summer flying on Channel’s network even turning up on some of the shorter, cross-Channel routes, being seen at Ostend on July 19th where she disembarked 63 passengers. Her final flight came on October 10th 1965 on the return leg of an I.T flight to Barcelona. Two days later, she was sold to Cambrian and flew to Cambridge where she would undergo maintenance and pre-delivery checks before departing to Wales several weeks later.


History of G-AMOH

10/53 – 12/63


12/63 – 10/65

Channel Airways

10/65 – 11/71

Cambrian Airways


WFU 11/71 and B/U 9/72


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