Viscount G-AMOJ

Vickers 701 Viscount – c/n 23

With Channel from Dec 1963 to Nov 1966

After having sat for three months at Heathrow, Viscount Oscar Juliet finally arrived at Southend on February 17th 1964. However, it would be two more months before she took to the air again, doing so on April 14th when she flew 65 passengers to Rotterdam on one of the highly popular, spring trips to the Dutch bulb fields. She would continue to operate these charters on and off throughout April and into May when the year’s I.T routes began to operate in earnest and it was on May 29th that she opened the Southend to Perpignon route accompanied by fellow Viscount G-APZC. The summer of ’64 would then witness OJ settling into a routine of Mediterranean flights at the weekend while during the week, she would be kept busy flying the scheduled, cross-Channel routes to the Channel Islands, Ostend, Le Bourget and Rotterdam.

The 1965 season would open much in the same way as the previous year, although aside from Perpignan, Oscar Juliet would also open the I.T routes to Barcelona on May 7th and Ljubljana on the 22nd, this time fully loaded with 69 passengers. May would also see the first I.T. service of the year being carried out between Manchester and Palma with fuel stops at Southend – OJ operating the first of these flights on the 14th. Again as with 1964, this Viscount would once more become something of a regular sight on the weekend I.T. charters and weekly scheduled flights. In mid-1965, V.A.S.P. of Brazil would make an attempt to procure her, although this subsequently fell through and OJ ended her year with a visit to Aldergrove in mid-November from where she flew troops to West Germany accompanied by G-AMOA and two B.Cal. Britannias.

While most of Channel’s 700 series Viscounts had been leased out during their early years with the airline, It would take more than 2 years before Oscar Juliet would finally operate for a lessor. At the end of March 1966, she was leased to B.K.S for the last two weeks of the month while during mid-July, she would spend a short stint with Cambrian who had already bought several of Channel’s Viscounts. She then returned to Southend on July 22nd making a trip between SEN and Valencia. Otherwise, 1966 would once more see her engaged in similar work that had kept her busy for the last two years until flying her last service on a return trip from Hamburg on October 31st 1966. As with all the other ex-BEA 700 series Viscounts, she was eventually ferried to Cambridge for delivery to Cambrian, this taking place on November 16th.


History of G-AMOJ

11/53 – 12/63


12/63 – 11/66

Channel Airways

11/66 – 2/71

Cambrian Airways


WFU at Cardiff  2/71 and later B/U 12/71


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