1-11 G-OBWD

BAC 1-11-518FG – c/n 203

With BAF/BWA from Nov 1992 to Dec 2001

Given Name – ‘City of Bucharest’

BAC 1-11 Whiskey Delta would be one of the first three, ex-Dan-Air aircraft to initially enter service with BAF. From the outset, she was adorned in a short lived, modified Dan-Air livery which involved nothing more than replacing the logos and titling of her former owner with those of her new operator, although she would eventually be one of the first 1-11s to receive the new ‘Leaping Lion’ livery after the airline’s restructuring as British World during April 1993. She became something of a regular visitor to Dublin during the summer of ’93 and at the end of June, she would go on to fly the first of many trips between Stansted and Bucharest, receiving a most appropriate ‘City of Bucharest’ name in the process.

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By the year 2000 her British World livery and logos had been removed, leaving her in plain white with no embellishments. From this period onwards, she would spend the rest of her service life operating on lease for a number of British and European airlines which included Britannia, Air Nostrum and Air France until she was finally parked up and stored at SEN in February 2001. With the collapse of British World in December of the same year, she remained at Southend and title was officially passed to the receiver. However, an attempt to sell her to Maltese airline Air Leone fell through in May 2002 and as such she would remain engine-less at the airport until March 2003, when she would albeit temporarily, join a ‘new airline’ the fictitious entity ‘Fresh!’ which was the focus of the Sky TV series ‘Mile High’. By May 2004, she was up and running again doing engine tests at Southend with ‘British Heart Foundation’ logos having been applied for advertising purposes, although again, any hopes of seeing her in the air were again summarily dashed when July 2006, she was finally B/U.


History of G-OBWD

3/70 to 2/75

Court Line as G-AXMI

2/75 to 11/92

Dan-Air as G-BDAE

11/92 to 12/01


12/01 to 7/06

Receiver to BWA


Scrapped at Southend 7/06


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