Viscount G-APZB

Vickers 707 Viscount – c/n 30

With Channel from Nov 1964 to Feb 1970

With the collapse of Tradair at the end of 1962 and the subsequent takeover of its remaining assets by Channel Airways, only one of its two former Viscounts would initially make its way straight into the hands of this Southend based airline. However, despite the fact that Zulu Bravo had been sold by the receiver to Starways prior to Tradair’s demise, by the end of 1964 she had found her way back to Southend. She flew into SEN on November 5th, having been replaced by leased Viscount G-AMOA and over the winter months was prepared for service, once more going back into operation from SEN on the January 16th 1965 with a jaunt to Munich and back. However, her return to Southend would be short lived and after only a few days, she headed off on lease with British Eagle until the end of May when she returned to SEN. She then stood idle until June 8th when she was used for a further four days by her previous lessor.

The following year would see Zulu Bravo spending a considerable amount of time at Manchester where in June and July, she would fly a good number of the popular Manchester – Ostend services until finally going off on lease again during the middle of July, this time with B.K.S. By the 23rd, she was back at Southend and operated an I.T flight to Barcelona with an almost full load of 65 passengers. The following day would witness an almost perfect example of ZB’s rather frenetic, summer schedule with her making four trips to Ostend, one trip to Jersey and a trip to Le Bourget before heading off on a late evening flight to Genoa with a cabin full of I.T holiday makers.

With the arrival of 1967 came yet more of the vastly superior, 810 series Viscounts. By this time, all of the ex-BEA 700 series Viscounts had been sold on to Cambrian leaving only the two ex-Tradair 707 aircraft and the sole, ex-BWIA 702 Viscount to soldier on until their withdrawal at the end of 1968. However, Zulu Bravo would still have plenty to do during 1967, both for Channel and for other airlines. May would see her operating on behalf of Treffield International, flying a trip on their Bristol-Cardiff-Rimini service. Prior to her withdrawal in October, she would spend some time flying the Castle Donington feeder route and would also replace sister ship ZC on the 14th after she went tech just before departing on Treffield’s Valencia service. Her final trip came on October 28th and after arriving back from Jersey, she was permanently withdrawn and stored at SEN until being B/U in February 1970.


History of G-APZB

3/54 – 2/60

Aer Lingus

2/60 – 11/62


11/62 – 11/64


(TRF to Aviation Overhauls 1/64)

11/64 – 2/70

Channel Airways


WFU at SEN 10/67 and B/U 2/70


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