On this page you will find a list of multi-engined, turboprop powered aircraft that were long-term residents at Southend (one year or more), but did not officially join any of the local, SEN based airlines. Many often sat for long periods of time before either departing or being scrapped. For those aircraft that were flown in purely for scrapping, then please click on the ‘For Scrap’ tab on the previous menu. All aircraft below are listed in chronological order from the date that they arrived at the airport. Please feel free to suggest other additions on saadinfomail@gmail.com



Viscount G-AMON

Vickers 701 Viscount – c/n 27

Stored at Southend from Jun 1976 to May 1979

This aircraft had initially been purchased by Flightspares who stripped her of all valuable parts and spares before finally passing her on to one of the teachers at Cecil Jones High School who had formally served in the RAF and was obviously still something of an aviation enthusiast. At the time, Cecil Jones was running ‘Aviation Studies’ courses as part of their 3rd to 5th year syllabus and it is possible that this aircraft was purchased for that purpose. However, this Viscount remained in the same location, where she quickly became rather dilapidated and by the spring of 1979, she was ready to face the axe. The aircraft itself was scrapped, although the cockpit was spared and is believed to have remained somewhere on the airport until April 1982. The cockpit’s subsequent fate is unknown.



Canadair CL-44J – c/n 35

Stored at Southend from Jul 1982 to Jul 1983

United African Airlines 5A-DGJ arrived at Southend on July 1st 1982. Her initial reason for coming to SEN is not known although it was likely for maintenance work. By September she stood on the northern apron with her two inner engines missing and would remain this way until around March 1983 when her inner starboard engine was replaced. By July, her no. 2 engine was back in position and she was then prepared for delivery to Vic Air Cargo. A second UAA CL-44 5A-DHJ would also pass through SEN during the summer of 1983 for similar treatment although her stay would be short, lasting just a few weeks. However, 9Q-CQS would eventually return to Southend two years later with Heavylift as EI-BRP. You can read more about this part of her history in the ‘Heavylift – Aircraft – CL-44’ menu.




Bristol 312 Britannia – c/n 13237

Stored at Southend from Jan 1983 to May 1984

Having been previously stored at Manston, this former Invicta International Britannia made the short flight to Southend at the end of January 1983 where she was to be overhauled for Merchant Air in New Zealand. However, the deal fell through and the aircraft remained on SEN’s northern apron for more than a year. Thankfully though, this Britannia would eventually find herself being donated to Cosford and after a short period of maintenance work, she was ferried to this Shropshire museum on May 31st 1984. To this day G-AOVF remains as a part of the RAF Cosford collection.




Avro (H.S) 748 – c/n 1623

Stored at Southend from Oct 1998 to Early 2002

This H.S.748 spent much of her aviation career based at nearby Stansted, her primary role being that of a calibration aircraft for instrument landing systems at airports around the UK. Then in October 1998, she was bought by Emerald Airways who had intended to overhaul and then operate her alongside the rest of its 748 fleet. However, she never entered service with this airline, possibly because her conversion would involve too much work and as a result of this, she was instead WFU in March 1999 and used as a source of spares. By the turn of the century, she had been towed over to the storage area at the end of the old 15/33 runway where she would remain until being broken up some time during the early part of 2002.

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