Below, you will find a list of aircraft that were leased by CAB/BUAF/BAF/BWA. They have not been included in the main section due to the fact that many of them spent only a short time with their relevant lessors, before being returned to their rightful owners. Please note that this list includes all commercial aircraft that were leased from non-SEN businesses or airlines. All long-term leases (one year or more) can be found in the main fleet menu.




Bristol 170 Freighter Mk21 – c/n 12798

Leased by Channel Air Bridge from May 1962 to Oct 1962

Mike Hotel holds the distinction of being the first Silver City aircraft to fly on a Channel Air Bridge route, in this instance, Southend to Calais from May 1962. On occasion, she could be seen plying the Southend to Ostend route too. The use of Silver City’s aircraft on such a service would have naturally appeared to have been a sign of things to come, even if the impending merger between these two airlines was still officially, more than 8 months away. Needless to say, she didn’t last long on the route and by Oct 1962, she was back at Lydd where she was immediately WFU. She never flew again and was later B/U in 1963.



Avro 748-225 – c/n 1593

748 G-ATMJ

Leased by BAF from Nov 1970 to Oct 1971

This Avro 748 retains the distinction of being the very first turboprop aircraft to enter service with BAF. Having had a reasonably successful 1970 season, BAF looked for ways to increase its passenger lifting capacity on the routes it was currently flying. With just a fleet of ungainly looking Carvairs to its name, BAF no doubt looked favourably upon the other Southend and visiting airlines that had long since gone over to turboprop operations. So, it was in November 1970 that BAF signed a dry lease agreement with Court Line for two of their Avro 748s which would be put to work on their summer services. As such, Mike Juliet flew her first service for BAF on March 11th 1971 and would continue to operate until the seasonal downturn in passenger traffic that usually took place in October.



Vickers 803 Viscount and c/n 179

Viscount EI-AOI

Leased by BAF from Mar 1971 to Sep 1971

Short of modern and comfortable passenger airliners for their fleet, BAF took the decision to hire Viscount EI-AOI from Aer Lingus to provide extra lifting capacity on the cross-Channel and Paris routes, that until now, had been solely maintained by its utilitarian, but ageing fleet of mixed freight/passenger Carvairs. Thus, this aircraft would be the first of its type to enter service with BAF, doing so on April 1st and she remained with company for 6 months before being returned to her owner.



Avro 748-225 – c/n 1592

Leased by BAF from Apr 1971 to Nov 1971

While BAF had initially wanted to have two Avro 748s ready to go, early for its 1971 season, the second Court Line aircraft, Mike India, would not arrive at Southend until the very beginning of April 1971 due to a prior leasing arrangement with LIAT. However, she was quickly readied for service and flew her first service for BAF on the 4th. By this time, BAF now had three turboprop aircraft on lease and they were all put to work supplementing and in some cases, replacing the Carvairs on a number of its services.




Canadair CL-44D-2 – c/n 10

Leased by BAF from Mar 1972 to Sep 1972

Purchased from Flying Tiger by Keegan’s Transmeridian in November 1971, India November arrived at Stansted on the 8th and made the short hop to Southend shortly afterwards. She was subsequently handed over to ATEL who were given the task of preparing her for service with BAF. That said, her first flight wouldn’t take place until July 25th with her inaugural flight to Ostend being made three days later. This flight would actually set an airport record that still stood for more than 40 years, this involving the transportation of 170 passengers plus 9 crew from Southend! However, loads of this size were an exception to the rule and BAF found it hard to fill all of the seats on such a large aircraft. Thus after only three months, it was decided to replace the all passenger G-AZIN with the combi pax/freighter G-ATZI. The former was subsequently towed back into the ATEL hangar and repainted in TMAC livery before departing back to her home base at Stansted in September.




Canadair Cl-44D4-2 – c/n 25

Leased by BAF from May 1972 to Oct 1972

While BAF’s intention may have been to lease two to three CL-44s , G-ATZI effectively replaced G-AZIN by virtue of her being more cost effective to operate. Unlike India November, Zulu India was a duel configuration aircraft which could carry both passengers and cargo. She arrived from Transmeridian during March 1972 and underwent two months of conversion work and painting before being rolled out in BAF colours on May the 12th. Much like her predecessor, she would spend a good deal of her time flying between SEN/STN and Ostend although she was also spotted at Basle during her short lease. By the end of the year she was back with Transmeridian in a BAF livery, but with the logos painted over. A third CL-44 (G-ATZH) was due to go on lease with BAF but this was never realised.



Viscount G-AVIWa

Vickers 812 Viscount – c/n 358

Leased by BAF from Apr 1973 to Oct 1973

With only Carvairs in its fleet during 1972 and with an ever dwindling demand for car-ferry services, BAF looked at ways to expand its fleet of passenger aircraft for the 1973 summer season. In January and February 1973, two DC-4s arrived from Spain to take up this roll, however, for one reason or another, these aircraft never went into service and ex- Channel Airways Viscount G-AVIW was leased from Alidair instead.




Douglas DC-6B – c/n 43830

Leased by BAF from Apr 1973 to c. Oct 1973

As with G-AVIW above, more passenger aircraft were required by BAF to see them through the summer season of 1973. Thus the airline leased this DC-6 from Delta Air Transport to tide them over. However, it would appear that she was only called upon during peak times. At the end of her lease, she went back to Delta, but would continue flying between Southend and Ostend until 4/10/74 when she was DBR taking off from SEN with a full load of passengers (see ‘Prangs’ for more details).



Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 214 – c/n 177

Leased on and off by BAF between Nov 1989 and Jan 1991

A familiar site at SEN from the mid 80s to the early 90s. India Golf often found herself flying in and out of Southend on freight flights or for maintenance, although it wasn’t until the late 80s, that she became more of a permanent fixture; first being leased by BAF for several months before being sub-leased by another former SEN based airline, Jane’s Aviation. It wasn’t until 1993 that she returned to her registered owner although even after this, she made the odd trip to Southend in a pure white livery, operating for BAC Express. She was eventually WFU and scrapped at Norwich Airport in June 2008.