Tudor G-AHNI

Avro 688 Tudor 4B – c/n 1342

With Air Charter from Aug 1954 to circa Nov 1959

Given Name – ‘Tradewind’

When Aviation Traders purchased the Tudor fleet for the airline wing of the company – Air Charter – the aircraft needed to be ferried to Southend from two sites. The AG- series Tudors had been stored at Rushton Tarrant in Dorset, while the AH- registered aircraft had been put out to pasture at Ringway Airport in Manchester. Indeed, it was November India that would be the first of the AH- batch to arrive at Southend on December 19th 1953 and over the winter she was overhauled in preparation for service. It is unknown whether she flew during the early part of 1954, but by April, she had been modified and was ready for flight. Then, on August 28th she was officially handed over to Air Charter.

Little is actually known about her early career, although again this no doubt included a certain amount of freighting work. However in late 1954, she was the first of the 4B Tudors to be withdrawn for conversion to a Super Trader and she wouldn’t return to service again until March 3rd 1955 when she was flown back to Stansted. On June 12th 1955, November India landed at Malta on a flight to Basra from RAF Lyneham and while departing approximately 1/2 an hour later, she developed an uncommanded swing and ran off the runway damaging her port undercarriage oleo and one engine. Repairs were eventually effected and she finally left Malta on March 17th 1956.

Needless to say, she would also be put to work as one of the six Tudors that would fly between the UK and the Woomera Test Range in Australia with missile parts, this being confirmed by a sighting of her on March 27th 1957 at Bahrain which was at the time, one of the regular fuelling and technical stop overs on this route. With the withdrawal of two Super Traders in 1958 and the loss of two more during the first half of 1959, it was left to November India and November Lima to continue operations. In June 1959, this Tudor was finally WFU at Stansted after returning from a trip to Benghazi, Libya and would remain there until being broken up during the latter part of the year.

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History of G-AHNI

10/49 to 12/53

Ministry of Civil Aviation

12/53 to 8/54

Aviation Traders

8/54 to 6/59

Air Charter Ltd


WFU and B/U at Stansted 6/59


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