Seawing Flying Club


Has Operated from c.1980 to Present

Founders/Directors – Club Members

Starting as early as 1972 and operating out of a caravan, a group of Civil Servants came together to raise the capital required to start what would later become Seawing Flying Club. However, it soon became apparent to the group that they would need to cast their net wider if they hoped to keep the club going. Thus its Civil Service roots were cut and in the process, the club opened its doors to the general public, which would result in it becoming the only flying club at SEN to be both run and owned by its members. In 1979, Seawing became a ‘Ltd’ company and during the 1980s it expanded its fleet considerably, while beginning pilot training for RAF cadets. As such, the club itself went from strength to strength membership wise.

Seawing was based on the eastern perimeter of the airport for many years where from the mid-90s, it would also operate the other wing of its business ‘Eastern Executive Air Services’ (EEAS) which was primarily set up to fly executive charters. With the airport’s expansion imminent, the club was then relocated prior to the building of the new railway station and terminal. It has now found a new home in what was the old Air Livery car park to the east of the executive terminal. Today, it offers a wide range of services including introductory lessons, private pilot licence training and both instrument and night training. The club is reported to have a very sociable and welcoming atmosphere and permits non-members with an interest in aviation to pop in for a jar or two.

Seawing G-BOLW

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Seawing Flying Club fleet from 1980 to 2000

(Only those aircraft that were actually registered to the club or its associated companies are listed below)

Cessna 150

G-AVAP – 4/80 to 2/93

Sold to D.G Kipling

G-AZOZ – 12/90 to 5/11

Sold to J.E Jones

G-BABB – 7/88 – 7/06

Stalled and crashed into ground, Eastwood 19/7/06

G-BEOK – 5/88 to 8/91

Sold to Stardial Ltd

G-BIOC – 2/85 to 5/97

Sold to T.J and M.D Palmer

G-BKAC – 11/87 to 5/96

Sold to Motioncraft Ltd

G-BLSS – 1/85 to 12/87

WFU – Fate unknown

Cessna 152

G-BKTV – 7/96 to 9/00

Sold to A Jahanfar

G-BNFR – 12/96 to 3/05

(EEAS) Sold to A Jahanfar

G-BNJE – 6/87 to 1/94

Sold to D.D Delaney

G-BOLW – 7/88 to 7/94

Sold to JRB Aviation Ltd

G-BPEO – 10/96 to 10/02

(EEAS) Sold to Direct Helicopters Ltd

G-BPJL – 7/97 to 1/03

(EEAS) Sold to Willowair Flying Club

G-BPME – 7/96 to 3/05

(EEAS) Sold to A Jahanfar

G-BSCZ – 7/97 to 11/02

(EEAS) Sold to A George

Piper PA-28

G-AYAR – 11/01 to 4/03

TFR to Ahmed Jahanfar

G-BPEL – 10/92 to 2/02

WFU – Fate unknown

G-BPTE – 7/97 to 6/98

(EEAS) Sold to I.R Chaplin

G-KERY – 6/94 to 4/00

Written off landing at Thurrock Airfield  7/4/00


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