G-FOUR May 1982

Hawker Siddeley HS-125-3B – c/n 25131

With BAF from circa Oct 1979 to March 1983

In October 1979, BAF would procure its very first HS-125 business jet which along with stable mate G-FIVE, would give the airline the ability to carry out pure-jet V.I.P. and executive charters. BAF had previously attempted to fly such services with two of its Handley Page Herald airliners, both of which could be fitted with 23 seat, executive cabins although the actual demand for such services was seemingly quite low, possibly as a result of the aircraft simply being too big for such purposes. Nevertheless, these HS-125s were fitted out with a luxurious and roomy, 8 seat cabin with the addition of both a full sized galley and restroom of the like that would be expected when offering such a first class service.

While these aircraft were often seen at Southend, their actual base of operations was to be Stansted although BAF would obviously ferry these aircraft wherever they were needed. Quick travel times were touted by BAF’s corporate literature, while it also pushed the benefits of chartering an aircraft that could easily get in and out of smaller airports or even hardened air strips. Indeed, these aircraft would even be offered for hospital services and emergency evacuations with a two hour lead time being necessary for any required cabin change. As to whether either venture with these two aircraft was a success or not is unknown however, by the summer of 1983 both aircraft had been sold on.


History of G-FOUR

8/67 to 4/68

Hawker Siddeley Aviation as G-AVRE (G-5-11)

4/68 to 8/78

Moet et Chandon as F-BPMC

8/78 to 10/79

Group 4 Aviation as G-FOUR

10/79 to 3/83

British Air Ferries

3/83 to 8/85

Societa Italia Noli as I-RASO

8/85 to 3/90

Aviasud as F-GFDB

3/90 to 7/90

Private Owner in Monaco as 3A-MDB

7/90 to 9/98

Uni-Air as F-GJDE

9/98 to 7/99

Sahara Airlines as 7T-VVL


Transferred to Algerian Government – Believed to be stored although location unknown


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