Handley Page H.P.R.7 Herald 214 Series – c/n 191

With BAF from Jun 1976 to Sep 1981

Given Name – ‘Kevin Keegan’

The former Transbrazil Herald that would eventually become G-BDZV arrived at Southend on June 30th 1976. She was then given the requisite checks and suitably refinished before entering G-BDZV VIP Interiorservice on July 18th 1976. While this particular Herald would have a rather short life with BAF, she nevertheless earned her keep working both for her owner and on a multitude of leases to other airlines. Initially, ZV would be put to work on the scheduled, cross-Channel routes of Ostend, Rotterdam and Le Torquet and the continental routes of Basle and Dusseldorf. However, by the late summer of 1977 she went off on her first lease to Dan Air, returning to BAF at the end of the year. One idea that BAF had come up with during the mid to late ’70s, was to equip a small number of its Heralds with comfortable, 23 seat V.I.P. interiors and it would fall to Herald G-BDFE to inaugurate these proceedings. She continued to bear titles to this effect up until mid-1979. However, Zulu Victor would also be given such a make over with the aircraft eventually appearing in BAF’s corporate advertising, although whether this aircraft was converted purely for marketing purposes only or did actually operate in such a configuration remains unknown.

As a consequence of BAF’s abandonment of its scheduled routes at the beginning of 1979, Zulu Victor would be one of six BAF Heralds to go off on lease with British Island Airways who would from this point on, maintain these services instead. However, unlikeHerald G-BDZV BIA the other leased Heralds that would carry on working for this airline until the autumn, Zulu Victor was returned in June to work another lease this time in Egypt where she would become the next in a long line of BAF Heralds to fly Nile Valley Aviation’s airborne ‘taxi’ services that would serve as a shuttle between Cairo and its surrounding cities and towns. However, by the end of 1979 she was back with BAF although it wasn’t long until she was off on lease again, this time to Air UK who had now absorbed Zulu Victor’s lessor from the previous year, namely B.I.A. In October 1980, Zulu Victor returned home where she underwent a short period of maintenance before entering her final year of service for BAF which she would spend mostly in North Africa.

The latter part of 1980 and most of 1981 would see Zulu Victor operating with three separate concerns starting in November 1980 with Libya’s Oasis Oil Company which would go on to lease several Heralds that were used to move their oil workers and supplies around the country. In April 1981, she then Herald G-BDZVheaded west where she operated domestic passenger services on behalf of Tunis Air before returning to Southend in May. Her final lease would see her returning to Libya, this time operating for Agoco Oil. However, unlike the two previous leases Zulu Victor would be adorned with Agoco titles and logos before departing to Africa. By late July, this Herald had returned to Southend where she stood until being purchased for one of Mike Keegan’s foreign businesses known as Trans Azur Aviation which he ran in collaboration with the management of St. Tropez Airport. Herald G-BCWE had already spent much of the year flying services for this airline, albeit on lease and thus Zulu Victor would now take up the baton and depart for France resplendent in her new livery on September 24th 1981.

With thanks to Marc Wilmott for the BAF, VIP, corporate flyer above.


History of G-BDZV

2/66 to 3/73

S.A.D.I.A./Transbrazil as PP-SDL

6/76 to 9/81


9/81 to 2/87

Trans Azur Aviation as F-BVFP

2/87 to 8/97

Aerovias SA as TG-AZE


WFU at Guatemala City – 12/95 – B/U during 2001


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