Bristol Britannia

BKS Britannia

Operated with B.K.S. from Mar 1964 to Nov 1970

Despite the fact that Southend’s short runway was unsuitable for airline operations with large turboprop aircraft such as the Britannia, the CL-44 or the Vanguard, SEN nevertheless became a haven for such aircraft seeking maintenance, checks or repairs. Unloaded, these powerful aircraft could use the airport with consummate ease and as such, the Britannias of B.K.S. would become a regular sight at SEN during the latter half of the 1960s. Ultimately, B.K.S. procured four of the type, all of which were leased from B.O.A.C, while only one of these airframes would eventually end up being purchased by the airline. However, this particular Britannia (G-ANBK) would only see six more months of use before the airline was taken over by Northeast.


B.K.S. Bristol Britannia fleet from 1964 to 1970

G-ANBD – 11/65 to 5/70

WFU and stored at Southend 1/70 – Flown to Newcastle and B/U 5/70

G-ANBH – 3/65 to 9/69

WFU and stored at Southend 10/68 – Flown to Newcastle and B/U 9/69

G-ANBK – 3/64 to 11/70

WFU and stored 10/69 – Bought 4/70 and later TFR to Northeast 11/70

G-APLL – 11/65 to 9/69

WFU and stored at Newcastle 2/69 – B/U 9/69


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