Avro (H.S.) 748

BKS 748

Operated with B.K.S. from Sep 1962 to Mar 1968

Introduced primarily to replace the company’s ageing fleet of Douglas C-47s on its Dublin routes, these Avro 748 would go on to serve in small numbers with B.K.S. although as with most new types, the first aircraft would first be leased and trialled before the airline committed itself to any purchases. Then in 1964, the 748s also began to replace the Ambassadors on the shorter European routes, being as the latter were slowly being removed from passenger services to undergo conversion into bloodstock freighters. Needless to say, the 748s would also turn up at SEN from time to time for engineering work until finally being replaced by Vickers Viscounts in 1968.


B.K.S. Avro 748 fleet from 1962 to 1968


9/62 to 10/64 and 10/67 to 12/67

Leased from Hawker Siddeley Aviation


3/66 to 9/66 and 12/67 to 3/68

Leased from Skyways


4/63 to 3/67 and 12/67 to 3/68

Sold to Skyways – 3/67 then leased back in 12/67


4/64 to 3/67

Sold to Skyways


2/65 to 7/67

Sold to Hawker Siddeley Aviation


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