Air Tabernacle

Air Tab SH330 G-BIFH

Based at Southend from Nov 1996 to Oct 1998

Founder/Director – Mr. Simon Wilfred

Air Tabernacle was a small holding company that was formed in August 1994, although the airline branch did not start operating from SEN until late-1996, this coming about as the result of a merger between Willow Air and Streamline Aviation in January of that year. Having transferred a number of types from these two combined airlines, some of these aircraft went into service primarily to carry parcels and light goods under contract for Overseas Courier Service (OCS) while the others would be retained to operate ad-hoc cargo services with most of these flights taking place at night. The airline operated from SEN until the end of 1998 by which time, it had sold or disposed of all but one of its aircraft.

This sole remaining aircraft (Trislander G-OJAV) was seen at the end of 1998 in a dark pink colour scheme with a ‘Big City’ logo plastered across its forward fuselage and being as Air Tabernacle was technically no more, it is likely that this Trislander was unofficially transferred back to Streamline and from this point on, would spend much of the rest of her operational career away from Southend on lease to other companies until finally being disposed of during the summer of 2001. It would appear however, that the company itself held on a little longer and it wasn’t until April 2005 that an application was finally submitted for the airline to be stricken from Companies House records.


Air Tabernacle fleet while based at SEN

Embraer Bandierante

G-BNIX – 12/95 to 2/97

To Sky Service as PH-FVC

G-OCSI – 1/96 to 12/97

Formerly G-BHJZ – WFU Bembridge, I.o.W. and later scrapped

G-OCSZ – 12/95 to 4/98

Formerly G-DORK – WFU and B/U at SEN 4/98

G-OHIG – 6/96 to 7/98

Formerly G-OPPP – WFU and B/U at SEN 7/98

Shorts SD3-30

G-BIFH – 7/96 to 10/98

Reg as G-IOCS – WFU at SEN 4/98 and later destroyed by fire

Britten Norman Trislander

G-OJAV – 2/97 to 7/01

Sold to Atlantic Bridge Aviation


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