Herald G-BEYG

Handley Page H.P.R.7 Herald 401 Series – c/n 178

With BAF from Sep 1977 to Nov 1981

Given Name – ‘Jeremy Keegan’

Of all the BAF Heralds, Yankee Golf would be the shortest lived of her type to serve with the airline. This aircraft arrived at Southend from Malaysia via Munich on September 12th 1977 and some time over the next year, she would undergo conversion to a pure freighter, the only Herald to be fitted out so while in BAF service. Only two short leases came her way, with Touraine Air Transport taking her on for a few days in September 1979 and again for one month in February 1980. Otherwise, she would spend the remainder of her time transporting cargo for BAF, making numerous trips to Basle and Dusseldorf between 1979 and 1981 among others, flying from a number of British airports which included Coventry, Liverpool and Manchester as well as Southend. However, with the arrival of the larger and more capable Viscounts in early 1981, the Heralds would slowly be sold off. Yankee Golf eventually found a new home in South America with Aerosucre Colombia and by November 1981 she had departed SEN for tropical climes.


History of G-BEYG

2/64 to 9/77

Royal Malaysian Air Force as FM1023

9/77 to 11/81


11/81 to 4/91

Aerosucre Colombia as HK-2701X

4/91 to 9/91

L.A.C.O.L. Colombia


Crashed approaching Barranquilla, Colombia – 16/9/91


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