Maitland Drewery


Operated from Apr 1960 to Aug 1961

Main Bases – Biggin Hill and Gatwick

Founders/Directors – Mr J.R Maitland and Mr W.E Drewery

Starting out in May 1959 as Maitland Air Charters, this aviation business began life operating pleasure flights and air taxis services around the South East of England with several, single engined aircraft. However, at the beginning of 1960, Mr Drewery joined the company and thus the Maitland Drewery partnership was born. It wasn’t long until commercial operations began and with the acquisition of several Vickers Vikings and Viscounts by the summer of this year, I.T. and ad-hoc charters were soon being undertaken, initially to France, Germany and Holland. From the off, Gatwick would be the departure point for most of Maitland’s flights although as operations began to significantly increase, the number of airports serviced by this airline would begin to grow too.

By April, Maitland Drewery had already found its way to Southend from where this airline would fly a good number of charters between the airport and Rotterdam/Amsterdam on behalf of SEN based Continental Air Services. Flights would also continue into the summer with a number of charters being flown to the continent, including a Southend-Basle service on June 26th. However, 1960 would be the only year that Maitland would see such frenetic activity and by the summer of the following year, its Vikings had gone and all but one of its Viscounts had been sent off on lease. By the end of August, operations had effectively come to an end, although the airline would not be officially dissolved until December. The Maitland Drewery partnership would however, survive for a few more years in the shape of a Biggin Hill based flying school, the aircraft of which would occasionally venture into SEN.


Maitland Drewery fleet from 1960 to 1961

Vickers Viking

G-AHPR* – 3/60 to 3/61

Sold to Air Safaris

G-AJBX* – 6/60 to 3/61

Sold to Air Safaris

Vickers Viscount

G-ARBY* – 6/60 to 12/61

Sold to Silver City

G-ARER – 6/60 to 12/61

Sold to Silver City

G-ARGR – 6/60 to 12/61

Sold to Silver City


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