Sky Charters


Operated from Jul 1962 to Aug 1965

Main Base – Gatwick

Founders/Directors – Mr J. Essaye, Capt. P.W. Carr, Mr. H. Lipton and Mr. L.J. Kirby

From the outset, this aeronautical business concern founded at Gatwick primarily engaged in air taxi and executive transport services. Starting out with a single Piper Apache, business soon began to flourish after the procurement of more light twins and a number of Doves which were purchased from 1963 onwards. This resulted in the company being able to fly a good number of services from Gatwick to the near continent, not to mention a multitude of domestic trips around the U.K. that occasionally included Southend. However, in 1964 one of Sky Charter’s Doves (G-AJOT) would find herself being permanently based at Southend for the duration after a contract to fly Ford executives between the airport and Antwerp had been won by the company. This Ford contract was later expanded to include services between Southend, Birmingham and Cologne and by January of 1965, Sky Charters had even opened an office at SEN. However, during this year operations went into decline and by August, the company had been wound up.


Sky Charters fleet from 1963 to 1965

Beech PA-23 Apache

G-APVK – 7/62 to 9/63

Sold to J.M. Banks and R.W. Newman

Beech 95 Baron

G-ASDO – 2/63 to 2/64

Sold to Associated Cliffe Press Ltd

Beech 95 Travel Air

G-AREJ* – 3/63 to 10/65

Sold to Minihan Suedestyles Ltd

De Havilland D.H.104 Dove

G-AJOT*– 3/63 to 7/65

Sold to Brooklands Aviation Ltd

G-AKET* – 3/64 to ?/64

Leased from Metropolitan Air Movements

G-AMFU – 4/65 to 10/65

Sold to R.S. Wilkins and T.E.B. Sopwith

G-AROH* – 4/65 to 8/65

Sold to British Midland


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