Herald G-BEYK

Handley Page H.P.R.7 Herald 401 Series – c/n 187

With BAF from Mar 1978 to Apr 1978

Herald G-BEYK would be the very last of the ex-Malaysian Air Force Heralds to arrive at Southend. As was the case with most of these aircraft, they were initially transferred into the ownership of one of the Keegan holding companies such as Killyspae, Bembridge or Staxmond and as such, Yankee Kilo would be registered to the latter in September 1977. However, it would take more than 6 months for the aircraft to arrive at SEN which she did on March 5th 1978. It is highly unlikely that she ever flew with BAF and by the 23rd she had departed to Squire’s Gate for an overhaul before being sold to B.I.A. in April. Needless to say, Yankee Kilo would still occasionally turn up at Southend, on lease to Channel Express and later B.A.C. Express, both of whom hauled parcels around the country. By the late-90s she had returned to the airport, having been purchased by SEN company Trygon Ltd for spares. She then languished on the north side for roughly 1-1/2 years before finally being scrapped.


History of G-BEYK

1/65 to 7/77

Royal Malaysian Air Force as FM1027

7/77 to 4/78

Staxmond Investments/BAF as G-BEYK

4/78 to 1/80

British Island Airways

1/80 to 7/88

Air U.K.

7/88 to 3/91

Nordic Oil Services

3/91 to 2/93

Jane’s Aviation

2/93 to 8/97

Nordic Oil Services

8/97 to 2/98

Trygon Ltd


WFU and stored at Southend – 8/97 – B/U at SEN – 2/98


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