Bristol 170 Superfreighter Mk32E – c/n 13078

With CAB/BUAF/BAF from Feb 1959 to Nov 1970

Given Name – ‘Vanguard’

As far as this long lived hierarchy of airlines was concerned, Bristol 170 Lima Papa would be the very first in and was in effect, the very last to leave. Having already totted up some notable aviation milestones with previous owner Air Charter Ltd, such as operating the very first vehicle ferry revenue service from Southend, while being one of only two conversions that had involved the transformation of a stubby nosed Mk31E into the longer and slightly more efficient Mk32 Superfreighter; she was officially passed on without any ceremony to Channel Air Bridge in February 1959. Ferry services also continued per usual too, although charters would also occur from time to time with Lima Papa turning up at Blackbushe on unknown business during September of this year.

In 1963, the Silver City/CAB merger would see her being re-branded with the British United livery and it would appear that aside from a few freight charters, such as the hauling of a ship’s engine from Newcastle on February 2nd, much of 1963 and 1964 wouldB170 G-AMLP BUA see her being operated primarily from Lydd rather than Southend. Also, with the introduction of the Carvair into BUAF service, the Bristol 170s would more increasingly be called upon to carry out ad-hoc charters. By early 1965, Lima Papa had been dispatched to Manston to operate car ferry services to Le Touquet on behalf of Air Ferry along with fellow BUAF B170 G-ANVR although ultimately, this route would be unsuccessful. Lima Papa would often visit a number of ‘unusual’ locations and January 1966 she was seen transporting livestock to Berlin while Southampton would receive a visit during June. It would appear that Lima Papa then returned (albeit temporarily) to Lydd in 1967 being seen there in the later sandstone and blue BUA livery during this year.

October 1967 would then herald in another name change, although Lima Papa would continue to operate G-AMLP BAFvehicle ferry services on behalf of British Air Ferries, these even extending into the late-60s with a number of visits being made to Le Touquet during November 1968 and June 1969. However, with the Carvairs now finding their own loads declining somewhat during the early 1970s, the remaining B170s would then be restricted mostly to the carriage of cargo. Needless to say, such elderly aircraft were not destined to last in the BAF fleet and by November 1970 Lima Papa had been sold off to Midland Air Cargo. Then in June the following year, this aircraft was sold to Canadian outfit Lambair where she was put to work flying cargo to small, unmade airstrips until crashing in March 1977 and with in doing so, brought Mk 32 B170 operations worldwide to an end.


History of G-AMLP

2/53 to 2/59

Air Charter Ltd

2/59 to 1/63

Channel Air Bridge

1/63 to 10/67

British United Air Ferries

10/67 to 11/70

British Air Ferries

11/70 to 6/71

Midland Air Cargo Ltd

6/71 to 3/77

Lambair Ltd as CF-QWJ


Crashed at Rankin Inlet, Canada 3/77


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