Operated from Jul 1957 to Jun 1964

Country of Origin – Austria

Founder/Director – Unknown

While this company may have started out a year earlier running joy flights and private taxi services, Aero Transport would not begin commercial operations until June 1957 when it acquired a De Havilland Dove and began small scale charter work. A second Dove was later purchased although this was summarily written off after just a few days and from this point on, Aero decided to invest in Vickers Vikings instead. For the next two years, the airline was kept busy flying European charters from the Austrian capital to Spain. However, by 1960 Aero had gone into partnership with LTU and would henceforth fly a good number of charters on behalf of this German airline while keeping busy with its own charters at other times.

Sufficed to say, with LTU heavily engaged in flights to Southend especially during the summer months, Aero-Transport’s aircraft began to appear on the SEN apron from 1960 onwards. Visits by the company’s two Vikings were rather irregular in the first year, but by 1961 the company was operating LTU charters between Dusseldorf and Southend more or less daily during the summer months. However, while 1962 would witness a downturn in the frequency of operations, Aero would nevertheless still put in several appearances, one of which saw five football charters being flown between Southend and Rotterdam during April of that year.


Aero-Transport Flugbettreib’s fleet from 1960 to 1963

Vickers Viking

OE-FAE* – 4/58 to 6/64

Re-reg to OE-HAE 12/61 – WFU 6/64 and later B/U

OE-FAT* – 4/58 to 12/61

WFU c.12/61 and B/U c.1968


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