Operated from Jun 1958 to Jan 1966

Country of Origin – France

Founder/Directors – Jacques Dewez and Raoul Wander

This Nice based airline started out with a sole DC-3 and a single Viking, its main remit being the operation of I.T. charters and freight flights. By the end of the following year, its fleet had grown to 12 aircraft with the company now keeping itself busy flying many charters on behalf of both Air France and Air Inter. It was in the early spring of 1959 that Southend began to see a flurry of visits by Airnautic, although unfortunately these would not involve the beautifully elegant Boeing Stratoliners, three of which were operated by the airline. All trips flown to and from the airport would be charters flown by their Vikings which would start in February and continue through until the late summer. Whether Airnautic visited SEN after this time is unknown.


Airnautic fleet for 1959

Vickers Viking

F-BFDN – 6/58 to 9/59

Crashed in sea near Southern Corsica 5/9/59

F-BIPT* – 2/59 to 12/64

WFU and later B/U

F-BIUX* – 2/59 to 6/59

Sold to Mediterranea SpA as I-RASC

F-BJAH – 12/58 to ?/59

WFU and later B/U

F-BJEQ – 10/59 to 2/65

DBR during take off at Calvi 8/2/65

F-BJER – 11/59 to 9/63

CFIT near Perpignan 11/9/63

F-BJES* – 12/58 to 2/64

Sold to Transportes Aeriens Reunis


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