Tor Air


Operated from Nov 1964 to Sep 1966

Country of Origin – Sweden

Founders/Directors – Former pilots of Loadair

In June 1964, a small Swedish airline known as Loadair which had been operating for little more than a year went into administration. However, refusing to be beaten, some of the former pilots managed to acquire further financing and established a new airline that would emerge as Tor Air. Two aircraft and the charter ledger that had previously belonged to Loadair were then transferred to this new entity and in effect, it simply continued operations where Loadair had left off. This time however, the airline seemed to thrive and by the following year more equipment had been purchased, although these ‘new’ aircraft would come in the form of larger, but well used C-46 Commandos that had been utilised during the Congo crisis by fellow Swedish airline Transair and with the relief work now over, they were no longer required.

However, with the purchase of these aircraft came the weekly freight service from Malmo to Southend and Amsterdam that had been running since 1960 and thus this baton would be passed over to Tor Air. Both types owned by Tor would inevitably venture into Southend during the time that they continued to operate this service. By early 1966, a number of charter commitments and aircraft that desperately needed overhauls would result in Tor leasing one of the few remaining C-46s in Transair’s fleet and as such, business seemed to be going well. However by the summer, Tor had clearly overstretched itself financially with the building of a new headquarters in Gothenburg and by September it was all over. The weekly freight services subsequently reverted back to Transair although these would be operated by DC-6 aircraft instead.


Tor-Air fleet from 1965 to 1966

Douglas C-47/DC-3

SE-BSN* – 11/64 to 11/66

Sold to Faroe Airways as OY-DNP

SE-CFT* – 10/64 to 5/66

Sold to Faroe Airways as OY-DNC

Curtiss C-46 Commando

SE-CFA* – 6/55 to 11/66

WFU – Sold to Fairline Sweden

SE-CFD* – 7/65 to 11/66

WFU – Sold to Fairline Sweden

SE-CFE* – 11/65 to 11/66

WFU – Sold to Fairline Sweden

SE-EDS – 3/66 to 6/66

Leased from Transair Sweden


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