Martin’s Air Charter/Martinair


Has Operated from May 1958 to Present

Country of Origin – The Netherlands

Founders/Directors РMr Martin Schr̦der and Mr John Block

Another small, European airline that would eventually grow into a sizeable entity was Dutch outfit Martin’s Air Charter, which would spend a good mac-viking-g-aivkdeal of its fledgling years flying services in and out of Southend. Operations began in the spring of 1958 with a single De Havilland Dove which was used to run joy flights and air taxi services. This was soon expanded to three Doves with ‘Mike’ Keegan having a hand in the sale or lease of two of them. Meanwhile, the company began to expand into charters, initially by leasing other aircraft. It was in August 1959 that M.A.C began its first regular freight charter, leasing Vickers Viking (G-AIVK) from Overseas Aviation which was then put to work hauling cut flowers and other fresh produce between Amsterdam and Southend. The aircraft was subsequently returned to its owner in June 1960 while in the meantime, M.A.C had started bolstering its own fleet with C-47/DC-3 equipment.

Traffic into SEN by this airline reached its peak in 1962 with a total of 101 movements, although operations slowed slightly moving into mac-f-28-ph-matthe mid-60s. During the first half of the ’60s, its C-47s brought both passenger and freight to the airport while May 23rd 1963 witnessed the arrival of the company’s only C-54 operating an Amsterdam football charter accompanied by exceedingly rare Royal Air Burundi L-049 N9412H. A name change in 1966 would then see new Martinair titles and a revamped livery being applied to most of its aircraft. However, as the end of the decade approached, the C-47s would gradually be replaced by Convair CV-640s and Fokker F-28s which by this time were mostly bringing in Dutch day trippers for London who would then return to Holland later that day. While the odd flight may have appeared during the early-70s it would appear that for the most Martinair had ceased commercial operations to SEN by the end of 1971, although in September 1983, a one off charter witnessed a Martinair MD-82 arriving to collect a load of day old chicks destined for Saudi Arabia.


Martin’s Air Charter/Martinair fleet from 1959 to 1971

De Havilland D.H.104 Dove

PH-MAC* – 5/58 to ?/66

Leased from T.D Keegan – Was G-AMVV

PH-MAD* – 4/60 to 11/66

Sold to Highsky Transport as G-AKCF

PH-VLC* – 4/61 to 6/66

Sold to T.D Keegan as G-ARDN

De Havilland D.H.114 Heron

PH-VLA* – 1/62 to 5/63

W/O in collision with tractor at Frankfurt Airport 5/63 – Airframe later used in ST-27A conversion

Vickers 610 Viking

G-AIVK* – 8/59 to 6/60

Leased from Overseas Aviation

Douglas C-47/DC-3

PH-DAA* – ?/64 to 6/65

Leased from KLM

PH-DAB – 11/64 to 12/64

Leased from KLM

PH-MAA* – 7/60 to 10/67

Sold to Lufthansa

PH-MAB* – 2/60 to 1/69

Sold to Australian Aircraft Sales Ltd

PH-MAG* – 7/65 to 10/68

Sold to Moormanair

PH-SCC* – 1/64 to 6/70

Sold to Delta Air Transport as OO-AVG

PH-SSM* – 1/66 to ?/??

Scrapped due to corrosion – Date unknown

Douglas C-54B

PH-MAE* – 6/62 to 2/67

Sold to Allgemeine Lufttransport

Convair CV-640

PH-CGD* – 4/64 to 7/71

Sold to Omni International as N111TA

PH-MAL* – 2/67 to 9/71

Sold to Omni International as N640R

Fokker F-28

PH-MAT* – 10/69 to 10/80

Initially leased – Sold to Fokker

McDonnell Douglas MD-82

PH-MBZ* – 2/83 to 7/92

Sold to Oasis International Airlines as EC-FMO


Recorded SEN Movements for MAC Aircraft

De Havilland D.H.104 Dove


1961 Visits

16/12 (AMS-AMS) – 27/12 (AMS-AMS)


1962 Visits

24/4 (AMS-AMS) – 2/5 (AMS-Leavsden)- 16/6 (AMS-AMS)

De Havilland D.H.104 Heron


1962 Visits

8/6 (AMS-LBG) – 23/6 (AMS-AMS)

Douglas C-47/DC-3


1961 Visits

15/11 x 2 (RTM-AMS) & (SVG) – 16/11 (RTM) – 23/12 (AMS-BRU)

1962 Visits

1/1 (AMS-AMS) – 2/1 (OST-AMS) – 6/1 (AMS-AMS) – 24/2 (RTM-RTM) 2/3 (RTM) – 4/3 (RTM) – 16/3 (RTM) – 18/3 (RTM) – 22/3 (RTM-AMS) – 27/3 (AMS-AMS) – 28/3 (AMS-LHR) – 19/4 (AMS-AMS) – 20/4 (AMS-AMS) – 23/4 (AMS-AMS) – 24/4 (AMS-BOH) – 27/4 (AMS-AMS) – 29/4 (AMS-AMS) – 30/4 (AMS-AMS) – 2/5 (BRU-AMS) – 27/6 (RTM-RTM) – 28/6 (AMS-AMS) – 29/6 (RTM-RTM)


1962 Visits

27/3 (RTM-RTM) – 9/4 (RTM-RTM) – 28/6 (AMS-AMS) – 30/6 (AMS-MMX)


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