Trans Mediterranean Airways

Operated from Jun 1957 to Sep 2014

Country of Origin – Lebanon

Founder/Director – Abu Hidar

This Beirut based airline opened for business in 1953 although it would be another four years before it began passenger and cargo charters, eventually moving into cargo only operations by 1959. TMA’s fleet had initially been comprised of Avro Yorks that were later phased out in favour of C-54/DC-4 equipment which started arriving from 1959 onwards while DC-6s would be added from 1963. Prior to the mid-1960s, routes had initially been confined to relatively close Middle Eastern countries, but a small number of flights did venture as far west as Basle, Brindisi and Frankfurt. Needless to say by the early ’60s, TMA were flying services worldwide including to the UK, with its aircraft turning up at the London airports, Manchester and eventually Southend.

While Trans Mediterranean would not maintain a long relationship with SEN, the airline nevertheless flew a good number of cargo operations in and out of the airport between 1964 and 1965 with a small number of flights possibly having been made either side of these dates. One of the first recorded flights saw DC-6 OD-AEL arriving on March 3rd 1964 while the first known visit by a TMA DC-4 would take place on September 1st of the same year when OD-AEA arrived to carry out a charter. Another, more widely known visit saw DC-4 OD-ADK arriving to haul a full load of cigarettes from Basildon manufacturer Carreras to Beirut, allegedly adorned in advertising for the very product that she would carry.


Trans Mediterranean Airways fleet from 1964-1965

Douglas C-54/DC-4

OD-AEA*– 2/62 to 1/68

Sold to Omni Investment Corp as N9982H

OD-AEB – 3/62 to 12/62

CFIT – Koh-I-Safid Mountains, Afghanistan 12/12/63

OD-AEC – 4/62 to 7/62

Crashed into sea near Brindisi, Italy 9/7/62

OD-AED – 4/62 to 2/68

Sold to Omni Investment Corp as N480G

OD-ADI – 5/59 to 12/68

Destroyed in Israeli raid 28/12/68

OD-ADK* – 5/59 to 7/71

Sold to Air Gabon as TR-LPU

OD-ADO – 3/60 to 1/62

DBF undershooting runway in Muscat, Oman 21/1/62

OD-ADV – 1/61 to ?/66

WFU and later scrapped in Beirut

Douglas DC-6

OD-AEG – 3/63 to 1/74

Sold to Zantorp International as N90688

OD-AEH – 3/63 to 4/69

WFU and scrapped

OD-AEL* – 3/63 to 3/66

CFIT Mt Parnon, Greece 10/3/66

OD-AES – 3/65 to 10/73

Sold to Zantorp International as N99114


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