Handley Page H.P.R.7 Herald 401 Series – c/n 172

With BAF from Nov 1977 to Jan 1985

Given Name – ‘Rupert Keegan’

Herald YE arrived at SEN from Malaysia via Nice and Le Touquet on November 14th 1977 only to be stored at SEN until the following year. The aircraft was initially registered to ‘African Safari Travel’ although this was just another of Mike Keegan’s many holding companies and by the following summer, she had been transferred to BAF. Come June, the aircraft had been overhauled, painted in the BAF ‘Bee’ livery and with a new CoA she was finally put to work at the end of this month. The next 18 months or so would see this Herald on the usual BAF routes. In January and February 1979, she would make regular flights to Glasgow possibly carrying post or papers although the exact nature of these flights is unknown. Otherwise, scheduled services would continue as per the norm, while a very short lease would see YE going to TAT for 4 days between the 23rd and 27th of September.

However, it was in 1980 that Yankee Echo would like so many Heralds before her, become embroiled in a flurry of African leases, the first of which herald-g-beyesaw her departing for a four month stint with Agoco Oil in Libya. She then returned to Southend in June before departing four months later to Algeria where she would fly domestic services on behalf of the national airline. A short visit back to SEN in February 1981 lasted about a month before she headed off to Egypt to replace Herald G-ASVO and then in June, she was herself replaced by G-BEBB and flew back to Southend for a well earned overhaul. September brought with it yet another North African lease, this time for Esso where she would remain until January 1982 whereupon she was then sent back to Agoco for yet another month of oil field support work.

While most BAF Heralds would perform a maximum of 3 or 4 trips to Africa, Yankee Echo would depart for her 6thherald-g-beye-wfu and final lease to Libyan Arab Airlines during April, finally returning to SEN for good approximately two months later, although she carried out a few flights in a pure white livery before finally being withdrawn during the winter of 1982/83. From this point on she was left to languish on the northern apron, her engines having been removed by February 1983 and it was here that she would remain until the late-80s when she was finally towed to the rear of the airport. During this time, Yankee Echo had been passed on to Panavia Air Cargo and then General Aviation Spares, but no attempt would be made to return her to service. Instead, she was broken for spares and had gone to the great scrapyard in the sky by early 1991.


History of G-BEYE

12/63 to 11/77

Royal Malaysian Air Force as FM1021

11/77 to 1/85


1/85 to 2/87

Panavia Air Cargo

2/87 to ?/91

General Aviation Spares


WFU at Southend and B/U early 1991


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