Operated from Aug 1971 to May 1978

Country of Origin – Sweden

Founders/Directors – Hans Bagner and Per-Göran Norlen

Skyline spent its entire life as a pure Viscount operator and from 1975 primarily flew domestic charters for one of the larger Swedish airlines Linjeflyg. Most common was its internal domestic route between Malmö and Stockholm stopping off at Växjö and Jönköping along the way. However, prior to this, the airline would also fly a multitude of its own European charters with some of these passing through Southend. It was in 1973 that this Swedish concern would begin to show up at the airport and while flights were few and far between, they would continue irregularly up until 1977. It is also possible that Skyline’s Viscounts used SEN for engineering purposes too.


Skyline fleet from 1973 to 1977

Vickers 700/810 Viscount

G-AZNH – 3/77 to 6/77

Leased from Alidair after the loss of SE-FOZ

SE-CNK*– 8/71 to ?/77

WFU 8/76 and scrapped at Sturup Airport

SE-CNL – 8/71 to 10/72

WFU and scrapped – Fuselage to Arlanda Fire School

SE-FOX*– 9/75 to 10/77

Sold to British Midland as G-BAPD

SE-FOY – 10/75 to 5/78

Sold to British Midland as G-BAPF

SE-FOZ – 8/76 to 1/77

Crashed on approach to Bromma 15/1/77


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