Handley Page H.P.R.7 Herald 401 Series – c/n 182

With BAF from Dec 1977 to Jan 1984

This particular Herald arrived at Southend on December 22nd 1977 via Munich and was immediately stored for the winter. By the spring the aircraftherald-g-beyj had been refinished in the ‘Bee’ scheme and was like most other Heralds, put to work on BAF’s scheduled and charter network. While most of the Heralds would find themselves being leased out quite quickly to the usual abundance of North African airlines and oil drilling concerns, it would take almost two years for this aircraft to depart to a lessor. Her first lease would be to Brymon Airways where she would spend the late summer and early autumn of 1979 flying mostly from Heathrow. The next came on December 22nd and would take her further afield than any other Herald in the BAF fleet, namely to Mauritania where she would spend a few short weeks flying between the mainland and the Canary Islands.

She subsequently returned to Southend in January, although it wouldn’t take long before Yankee Juliet was agoco-baf-herald-g-beyjdispatched on yet another lease, this being a much longer contract operating domestic services for Air Algerie to whom she departed on May 30th 1980 and with the possible exception of a returns for maintenance, she would not see SEN again until January 11th the following year. Needless to say, within a week of her arrival at Southend she was gone again, this time to take on her first oil support assignment with Agoco in Libya where she would spend almost another year. YJ subsequently returned to Southend in December 1981 and lacking evidence to the contrary, not to mention the large number of Viscounts that had now entered service with BAF, it would appear that she was stored until the spring of 1982.

Sufficed to say, the spring would bring more work for YJ and come April, she headed back to Libya for a twoherlad-g-beyj-plain month stint flying drilling crews and supplies for Mobil Oil. Returning in June, she then languished on SEN’s northern apron for much of 1982. However, with the opening of a new year came another North African lease and on January 29th 1983 she left Southend for 6 months, operating internal services for Tunisavia. By 30th July, she was home again and it would appear that this was the last time she was flown for BAF. In January 1984 she was transferred to Panavia Air Cargo only to be temporarily impounded after the company went into administration in August. Then in October, the now engineless aircraft was painted and provided with parts from Heralds G-APWA and G-BEYE to make her serviceable again and on December 11th, she departed to her new owner in Guatemala.


History of G-BEYJ

12/64 to 12/77

Royal Malaysian Air Force as FM1026

11/77 to 1/85


1/84 to 8/84

TFR to Panavia Air Cargo – Went into receivership 8/84

10/84 to ?/98

Aerovias S.A. as TG-ALE


WFU at Guatemala City 10/85 – Stripped of parts and B/U by late 1998


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