Handley Page H.P.R.7 Herald 401 Series – c/n 175

With BAF from Aug 1977 to Apr 1986

Given Name – ‘Wendela Keegan’

As far as the ex-Malaysian Air Force Heralds were concerned, Yankee Foxtrot would go on to serve for the longest period of time with BAF. On August bia-herald-g-beyf15th 1977 she arrived at SEN where painting and pre-service checks were carried out before finally entering service on the the scheduled routes to Dusseldorf, Basle and Ostend which were occasionally alleviated by a few charters including one to Zagreb on January 1st 1978. By May 2nd, she had been delivered to Gatwick on lease to British Island Airways adorned in the airline’s livery. However, due possibly to the fact that BAF’s hangar had been occupied when YF arrived, towards the middle of May she was recalled to SEN for a full overhaul, emerging again on June 16th and was sent back to B.I.A. until September 29th.

Yankee Foxtrot was next seen at Dusseldorf on October 8th, still in B.I.A. colours, albeit without titles air-uk-herald-g-beyf and possibly on her delivery flight to Gulf Air. This lease would last until January 9th when she returned to SEN again. However, she continued to operate in her B.I.A. livery and by April 1978, she was back with this airline where she remained for the foreseeable future. Quite naturally, she would also become part of a small fleet of Heralds that was transferred to British Island when they took over BAF’s scheduled services in 1979. Air U.K. would later take over the Channel Island routes and it was to this airline that YF was despatched in 1980, still in B.I.A. colours but with an Air U.K. logo on the aircraft’s tail. During this period, Yankee Foxtrot would return to SEN for checks and maintenance and the occasional SEN-JER flight.

It was at the end of October 1980 that this Herald finally returned to Southend to once again be adorned in her ‘Bee’ livery, although the BAF occid-herald-g-beyffuselage titles would quickly be replaced by those of her next lessor. The first of these leases would see her departing for Libya on March 26 1981 to Occidental Oil for several months of crew positioning and supply flights and after a short turn around at SEN, she was again Libya bound by December 8th. Having been stripped of her ‘Bee’ livery she joined Libyan Arab Airways with whom she would remain with until September 1982. On her return to Southend the L.A.A. titles were removed and a rudimentary BAF logo was placed on the tail of the aircraft. However, unlike a good number of the other BEY- series Heralds that had been laid up on the northern apron during 1983, Yankee Foxtrot was kept busy during this period.

It would appear that she was later put to work freighting for BAF being seen in Jersey and Dusseldorf elan-herald-g-beyfwearing this intermediate scheme, while during 1983 she would also spend a short time working for Channel Airways. By the end of the summer she returned to SEN to be prepared for her next lease which would see her operating with Tunisavia from September and for the next 5 months, she would spend much of her time flying between Tunis and Malta. The final chapter in YF’s BAF history came on April 6th 1984, when in a somewhat curious move, she was flown to East Midlands on her return from Tunisia. However, needing an aircraft for their courier and parcel services, Elan International had decide to buy this Herald and provided her with an overhaul and a new paint job at their East Midlands base. Needless to say, YF would continue to turn up at SEN from time to time in her new guise.


History of G-BEYF

1/64 to 8/77

Royal Malaysian Air Force as FM1022

7/77 to 4/86


4/86 to 8/88

Elan International

8/88 to 2/93

Channel Express

2/93 to 3/02

Dart Group PLC

3/02 to 6/08

Bournemouth Aviation Museum


Scrapped after the closure of the B.A.M. – 6/08 – Cockpit saved and sent to Wycombe Air Park


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