Air Ecosse

Operated from Jun 1977 to Jan 1987

Main Base – Aberdeen

Founder/Director – Subsidiary of Fairflight Charters

This Scottish concern began life operating out of its base at Aberdeen. Owned by Fairflight, its main source of business was ad-hoc cargo and passenger charters to Scotland and the larger cities of Northern England while some oil support flights were undertaken too. Initially starting out with Dove and Heron equipment, the company quickly snapped up more efficient turboprops such as the Embraer Bandeirante which made up the bulk of the fleet by the dawn of the ’80s. It was at this point that Air Ecosse became heavily involved with the Post Office and Datapost operations in particular and as such, its Bandits became a regular feature at Edinburgh, Liverpool and Luton from where they would collect their loads for distribution to other airports.

Indeed, it was such flights that witnessed the arrival of Ecosse at Southend, although this airline’s relationship with the airport was in fact twofold. In the early 80s, its Bandits could often be seen at Southend on postal flights or occasionally as diversions when Luton was fogged in, while it would also build up a good relationship with BAF through a number of leases which saw both a Herald and a Short 330 spending some time with this airline, the latter type increasingly replacing the Bandits as the decade progressed. However, with a take over in 1985, much of the equipment was returned to Fairflight and by 1987, the company had gone into administration.


Air Ecosse fleet from 1981 to 1985

Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante

(Only those aircraft that were likely to have been seen at SEN have been listed)

G-BFZK – 2/79 to 4/84

Sold to Prop Jet Inc as N5071N

G-BNOC*– 9*79 to 2/83

Leased from Fairflight

G-BSVT – 10/78 to 3/82

Alaska Aero Ind as N2932C

G-CHEV – 12/78 to 6/82

Sold to Euroflight as G-BKWB

G-DATA*– 6/85 to 1/87

Leased from Fairflight

G-FMFC – 2/78 to 4/84

Leased from Fairflight Charters

G-OAIR*– 3/81 to 12/83

Leased from Air UK

G-POST*– 3/80 to 1/87

Sold to National Airways

Handley Page HPR.7 Herald

G-APWA*– 9/81 to ?/82

Leased from BAF

Short 330

G-BIOF – 4/84 to 9/84

Sold to Okada Airlines as 5N-AOX

G-BITX*– 12/83 to 4/84

Leased from BAF


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