Compagnie Air Fret

Operated from Feb 1964 to 1982

Country of Origin – France

Founder/Director – Mr. Roger Colin, Mr. Fabien Nordman & Mr. J.M Seiler

It would seem that a certain level of confusion surrounds a number of French airlines named ‘Air Fret’ with two or possibly even three of these companies employing the same or very similar names during the second half of the 20th century. However, this particular company was set up in 1964 at Nimes-Garons from where it would operate as many as four L-1049 Constellations and a trio of Bristol Freighters on cargo and passenger charters to much of Europe, Africa and the Middle/Far East.

As far as operations to SEN were concerned, only the three B170s would ever venture into the airport, occasionally for overhauls and maintenance with Aviation Traders although on July 30th 1964, F-BCDR would suffer a minor mishap when her port undercarriage collapsed while landing at SEN with a number of horses onboard. Otherwise, 1964 & 1965 would see this company along with three other French B170 equipped airlines bringing a number of Sud-Quest Djinns to SEN. It is rumoured that these deliveries had something to do with Southend’s very own ‘Ladi’ Marmol, although this remains unconfirmed.


Compagnie Air Fret fleet from 1964 to 1966

(Only those aircraft that were likely to have visited SEN are listed below)

Bristol 170 Freighter

F-BBGF*– 3/62 to ?/67

Sold to Corse Air

F-BCDR*– 11/62 to ?/67

Sold to Corse Air

F-BFOT*– ?/64 to 6/66

WFU and scrapped at Nimes-Garons


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