Central Flying Services

Operated from c.Sep 1970 to c.1986

Founder/Director – Mr. Clive Wren and Mr. Terry Wren

Run by the enterprising Wren brothers, Central Flying Services initially began life at Stapleford Aerodrome although by the middle of 1971, it had shifted its centre of operations to Southend. While one of the founding remits of the company was to offer flight training, with Clive being an engineer this was quickly expanded upon and within a short time C.F.S. had become a multi-faceted outfit that offered everything from aircraft engineering to import and export services. However, tragedy would sadly strike on March 16th 1974 when Terry Wren tragically lost his life after inadvertently flying Victa Airtourer G-ATJB into mountainous terrain near Champagney, France and from this point onwards, it would seem that the flight training side of the company was wound down, the very last of its aircraft being disposed of during the summer of 1975. However, while C.F.S. remained in existence until at least 1986, it would appear that the company merged most of its services into the Routair Group of Companies from the late 1970s onwards and as such Routair Aviation Group primarily came about after C.F.S. took over Commutair’s IFA customs paperwork collection services which flew to Rotterdam and back every evening in lieu of maintenance debts.


Central Flying Services fleet

Fournier RF-3

G-AYJD – 9/70 to 12/73

Sold to Shackleton Aviation

Jodel Ambassadeur

G-ASRP – 6/71 to 7/75

Sold to a private owner

G-AYLC – 10/70 to 12/70

Sold to Jodel G-AYLC Group

G-AZAD – 6/71 to 5/74

Sold to private owners

SIAI Marchetti SF-260

G-AYFJ – 6/70 to 2/72

Sold to private owners

Socata Rallye

G-AYLE – 10/70 to 5/71

Sold to a private owner


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