Southend Aero Club

Operated from June 1969 to Early 1976

Founders/Directors – Capt. M. Abbott & Mr. R.J. Pascoe

With the years 1968 & 1969 having seen something of of a turbulent time as far as Av-Air and the Southend Light Aviation Centre were concerned, things would finally come to a head in May 1969 when the former was taken over by S.L.A.C. These two companies would continue to run as separate entities for the time being, although both were now headed by S.L.A.C. management who eventually proposed a merger. However, some of Av-Air’s members were none too pleased with the situation and finally, under the stewardship of former Channel Airways pilot Capt. Abbott and Mr. Pascoe, Av-Air disbanded and the Southend Aero Club was born.

Lifted from the Av-Air fleet would be Cherokee G-AVLG although several other aircraft would soon join the company. It would also appear that Lonmet Aviation was somehow involved with this club from the outset and by the end of 1970, S.A.C. had been taken over by this company while some of the club’s aircraft would begin to operate out of Ipswich. However, as with the previous S.L.A.C. takeover, Southend Aero Club would continue to run under its own steam from the former Aviator’s Flight Centre on the eastern perimeter until at least the early part of 1976 by which time, most of its operations had been absorbed into those of the Lonmet organisation.


Southend Aero Club fleet

Piper PA-28 Cherokee

G-AVLG – 4/69 to 12/76

Leased from Lonmet Aviation

Cessna C-150

G-AWCO – 6/69 to 3/72

Leased from Lonmet Aviation

G-AWFF – 5/69 to 6/69

Leased from Rogers Aviation

Cessna C-172

G-AZDZ – 6/71 to 7/72

Owned by R.J Pascoe

Piper PA-23 Apache

G-ATJP – 11/72 to 11/76

Leased from Lonmet Aviation

Socata Rallye

G-AXHG – 11/72 to 9/74

Leased from Lonmet Aviation


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