J.R.B Aviation/Eastern Executive

Has Operated at Southend from Mar 1976 to Present

Directors – John ‘Bob’ Batt then Ahmad and Margaret Jahanfar

Another of Southend’s highly regarded aviation engineering companies is J.R.B Aviation which began life under the stewardship of former ATEL Technical Director John Robert Batt and has operated on the north side of the airport since 1976. In 1982, the company was taken over by another long term stalwart of SEN aviation, former TEFC engineer Ahmad Jahanfar. Today, this outfit continues to offer a wide range of engineering solutions for aircraft up to twin engine biz-prop/biz-jet size and smaller helicopters from their hangar on the airport’s western boundary. While this company has over the years dealt with a huge range of smaller single and twin engined types, much larger aircraft have been frequent visitors to J.R.B’s facility which has handled turboprops up to the size of Embraer Bandeirantes and jets up to H.S.125 size.

However, asides from engineering this company also operated an air charter wing known as Eastern Executive Air Charter which was in business between 1994 and 2002. As such, both companies have owned a good number of aircraft over the years, many of which have been leased out to both local interests (Seawing and Southend F/Cs) and other individuals and/or concerns. Others were likely purchased for overhaul and resale or parts use while long term storage is occasionally provided too. Some long term residents stored near J.R.B’s hangar over the years have included: G-AYYE, G-BJTB, G-ATAA, G-ATRP, G-AXTF, G-AXTK, G-AZRW, G-BCAB, G-BCBT, G-FLTY, G-MAST, G-RUSS, G-STOL, G-TABS although whether these aircraft all had anything to do with J.R.B directly is unknown.


J.R.B Aviation fleet from 1976 to 2002

Aero 45S

G-AYLZ – 12/76 to 11/83

Sold to Wallace Albert Hill

Percival Proctor 4

G-ANXR – 8/70 to 5/81

Reg to John Robert Batt (RM221) – Sold to Lance Howard Oakins

Cessna 152

G-BOLW – 7/94 to 9/05

TFR to Ahmad Jahanfar (G-BOLW Group)

G-BPEO – 10/96 to 10/02

Leased to Seawing F/C – Sold to Hecray Comp Ltd

G-BPME – 7/96 to 7/11

Sold to Hinde Holdings Ltd

G-BTYT – 11/91 to 8/92

Sold to Michael John Green

Cessna 172

G-BNXD – 4/94 to 7/00

TFR to Natalie and Mark Jahanfar

Piper PA-28

G-ATVK – 8/85 to 7/98

Sold to Henry Hyde

Piper PA-34 Seneca

G-BVEV – 12/95 to 8/11

Often used by Southend Flying Club – TFR to G-BVEV Flying Group


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