Other SEN Engineering Companies

Below you will find a list and in some cases a small amount of relevant information relating to the other engineering companies that made their home at the airport. However, companies that provided engineering solutions along with other services have been listed in the ‘Other SEN Ops’ menu of this website. As you can see below, this page is far from complete and could do with additional details. Needless to say, if you can provide any extra information, no matter how small or insignificant you may think it may be, then please do contact us on the email address below.


Crewsair (Engineering)

Operated from Jun 1950 to Aug 1952

Initially set up to maintain Crewsair’s own fleet of aircraft which had previously been serviced by Skyways and then ATEL. While the airline would eventually fold, this company would eventually reform into the huge engineering company known as B.K.S. Engineering under the stewardship of T.D. ‘Mike’ Keegan. The Crewsair name would finally disappear in August 1952.


Overseas Aviation Engineering

Operated from Apr 1958 to Jun 1960

Overseas opened an engineering base at Southend roughly one month after beginning airline services from the airport, from where it would maintain the airline’s Vikings and later its Argonauts. However in 1960, Overseas invested more than £1/4 million in a new facility at Gatwick and by June of this year, it had moved all of its operations there.


J.J. Benson Aircraft Ltd.

Has Operated from c.1960 to Present

This company has from the outset, involved itself primarily with aircraft interior manufacturing, seating and upholstery including complete refurbishments or upgrades from its workshops on Aviation Way. Around 1986, the company name was changed to Benson-Lund which would then later become a division of Ipeco Holdings.


Langham International (Aircraft) Ltd.

Operated from c.1976 to Unknown

It would appear that this company primarily busied itself with the fitting of transponders, radios and other avionics, although it seemingly had a sales department too. Langham dealt in anything from engines to entire airframes with this company even having two Britannias up for sale at one point. As far as is known, at least one aircraft was owned and operated by Langham, namely Piper PA-32 G-BAIA.


Southend Aviation Centre Ltd.

Operated from Spring 1975 to Unknown

In the autumn of 1975, this company changed its name to Southend Light Aircraft Centre Ltd being part of the very same organisation. Nevertheless, it had a fully CAA approved light aircraft workshop which offered repairs, maintenance and CoA renewals. Its engineers were licensed to work on A,B,C & D class aircraft although it would seem that the company also specialised in twins, especially Golden Eagles and Navajos.


Regionair Maintenance

Operated from Jul 1978 to Feb 2002

Set up primarily to service and maintain its own fleet of aircraft, although it would invariably undertake work for other companies with aircraft of Short SD-360 size or smaller. It would however take on a small number of larger aircraft such as two Andovers that were purchased, overhauled and then sold on.


National Airways

Operated from c.1986 to c.1989

Primarily set up to maintain the SEN based National Commuter fleet of aircraft


Pathfinder Maintenance

Operated from Unknown to Unknown

Exact occupation unknown


Isenburg Engineering

Operated from Mar 1986 to Present

Predominantly deals with the repair, servicing and rebuilding of general aviation aircraft engines



Operated from Unknown to Unknown

Exact occupation unknown


Avionicare Ltd.

Has Operated from 1989 to Present

As the name suggests, this EASA Part 145/Part 21J approved company deals mainly with the installation, repair and upgrading of avionics for both civil and military, fixed and rotary winged aircraft from its base on Aviation Way. Sufficed to say, this business can deal with almost any aircraft, although its services are directed mainly at advanced G.A. equipment and business aircraft, while its military wing is able to provide effective solutions thanks to its highly experienced ex-RN/RAF engineering staff. Avionicare also produces wiring looms and non-structural metallic parts under EASA Part 21G while also acting as a sales merchant and distributor of new, high quality, avionics equipment.


R.F.S. Aircraft Engineering

Operated from Dec 1991 to Apr 2004

Primarily maintained Flightline’s and Emerald’s fleet of aircraft


Kings Aviation

Operated from Jan 1994 to Jan 2015

Exact occupation unknown


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