Herald G-APWA

Handley Page H.P.R.7 Herald 100 Series – c/n 149

With BAF from Aug 1976 to Jan 1985

Given Name – ‘Mandy Keegan’

Whiskey Alpha holds the distinction of being the first ever production Herald of which only four in its series were built. The 100 series had a noticeably shorter forward fuselage when compared to the later 200 and 400 series models that resulted in the forward crew hatch being extremely close to the port propeller, a fact that all BAF aircrew and engineers were constantly mindful of. Her first visit to SEN seems to have occurred on May 3rd 1962 when she stopped over on a trip between Radlett and Dusseldorf, having just recently returned from B.E.A. with whom she had been on lease. The purpose of her arrival is unknown although it could have simply been to clear customs before heading off to the Continent.

G-APWA was the sixth Herald to be purchased by BAF and was initially put to work on BAF’s Ostend and Rotterdam routes although she would occasionally engage in more leisurely activities such as putting in an appearance at the Blackbushe Airshow in July 1977 where she offered pleasure flights for £10. In April 1979, she would begin a series of wet-leases to French airline Touraine Air Transport (TAT) flying a number of its many domestic routes. A year later, she would find herself in Egypt operating domestic taxi charters to Cairo with Nile Valley Aviation only to move on to oil charter work for AGIP Oil in November of the same year. Her final lease would be spent with Air Ecosse where she was operated on Post Office services. She returned to BAF in 1982 and was finally withdrawn at Southend where over the next decade, she would be unceremoniously moved around the airport while gradually being stripped for spares (primarily for Aerovais) before finally being turned into a glorified dumpster as you can see in the video below…

During the mid-80s, she was moved from the rear of the airport to the eastern perimeter where she was placed between Heavylift’s two spares Belfasts. Being engine-less and thus tail heavy, blizzard conditions during the winter of 1986 resulted in her being unceremoniously tipped onto her tail where she somewhat embarrassingly remained until the snow started to thaw a few days later. Why she never went the same way as a number of other Heralds that were no longer wanted remains a mystery to this day. However, by 1990 she had been moved again and all that now remained was a poorly looking, junk filled fuselage and most of the main wing. Eventually, in 1993 a home was found for her at Woodley close to where she was built and over the next decade or so, she would be painstakingly restored to her former glory by the Berkshire Aviation Museum where she takes pride of place to this very day. As of 2017, she is the only complete ex-BAF Herald left in existence.

Watch a video of G-APWA’s recovery and move to Woodley by clicking the link below…

G-APWA Recovery at Southend


History of G-APWA

5/61 – 10/61

Jersey Airlines (leased)

1/62 – 4/62

B.E.A. (leased)

4/63 – 8/63

Autair (leased)

8/63 – 1/64

Malaysian Air Force (leased)

2/64 – 10/65

S.A.D.I.A. (leased as PP-ASV)

4/66 – 9/66

British Midland (leased as G-APWA)

11/66 – 8/76

S.A.D.I.A. as PP-SDM (Name later changed to Transbrazil 6/72)

8/76 – 1/85


1/85 – 3/93

Panavia Air Cargo

3/93 – Present

Berkshire Aviation Museum

Preserved at the Berkshire Avation Museum, Woodley as of 2018


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