While the BAF Engineering side of the company tended to restrict itself primarily to carrying out overhauls, maintenance, checks and other bespoke services for any airline that could get its aircraft in and out of SEN, during the first half of the 1990s, it actually found itself becoming the temporary owner of a small handful of H.S.748 airliners. Legend has it that these aircraft were purchased from British Airways stock with the sole intent of overhauling them before selling them on to the rather catchily named Indian airline Goa Way. However, only one of these aircraft would actually find its way into the hands of its intended customer and even this particular ‘delivery’ remains questionable. Meanwhile, the other two aircraft were sold off elsewhere. You can read more about each aircraft in the individual histories below.


H.S.748 2B – c/n – 1784

Owned by BAF Engineering from Jan 1992 to Jun 1994

This H.S 748 was flown to SEN from Prestwick some time during the third week of January 1992. Of these three aircraft, she would be the one that remained idle at Southend for the longest period of time and come August 1993 she was even missing an engine. By June 1994, she had been sold on to Clewer Aviation although for the time being, she would remain at the airport. Then finally, during October of that year World Aviation Support prepared her for flight and she was sold on to Necon Air as 9N-ADE, departing to undertake the next chapter of her operational life in Nepal on the 27th.


H.S.748 2B – c/n – 1785

Owned by BAF Engineering from Jan 1992 to Jun 1994

This particular aircraft arrived at SEN on January 24th 1992 accompanied by G-HDBC below. She then remained in storage at Southend until eventually returning to Prestwick on August 12th 1993 where she was painted up and prepared for service with Indian airline Goa Way. For reasons that remain unknown, despite being officially delivered to the airline on April 29th 1994, it would appear that she was never taken up or flown to India and by June 1994 she had been purchased by Independent Airways (Leasing) Ltd who eventually sold her on to South African outfit Executive Aerospace as ZS-NNW in December 1994.


H.S.748 2B – c/n – 1786

Owned by BAF Engineering from Jan 1992 to Jun 1994

G-HDBC was ferried from Glasgow to Southend along with G-BOHZ above on January 24th 1992. She remained at SEN for just over 18 months, before making the return trip to Prestwick on July 30th 1993. By August 19th she was seen, fully adorned in a Goa Way livery and seemed destined to join her prospective Indian owner. However for reasons that remain unknown, she would not depart for South Asian climes and instead remained parked up at Glasgow until finally being purchased by Independent Airways (Leasing) Ltd in June 1994. She was then subsequently sold on to Zimbabwe Express Airlines as ZS-NWW in October 1995.


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