BAe ATP – c/n 2058

With BWA from Dec 1997 to Dec 2001

British World’s second ATP arrived at Southend just before Christmas 1997 and in the process, became the very first airline to purchase this aircraft which had already seen a considerable amount of service with Air France, KLM, Debonair, Air Nostrum, Swiftair, DHL, Cityjet and Jersey European, all of whom had during the first five years of her service life, temporarily leased her from British Aerospace. She was quickly adorned in her new BWA livery and during the following year was seen a considerable number of times at Dublin and Belfast which were serviced from Manchester, while trips to the Continent would become commonplace too, with Whiskey Mike being seen at Charles De Gaulle on more than a few occasions. Indeed, for the most part these ATPs would generally only return to Southend for maintenance or positioning.

The year 1998 would also witness her returning to some of her former lessees such as Air France with whom she spent the first few days of April, KLM for much of April and Debonair for a nigh on two month period between the end of April and the end of June after which Air Nostrum took her over until the middle of July. Going into 1999, Swiftair took the aircraft on over the Christmas and New Year period with this ATP finally being returned on the last day of January while a number of short leases would see her departing for DHL, Cityjet and Jersey European. Later operations however, would see British World’s two ATR’s being replaced on the Scottish routes and as a result of these changes, Whiskey Mike became a more regular sight north of the border, especially at Aberdeen and Edinburgh. With the demise of BWA at the end of 2001, this aircraft remained at her northern base while the receiver made attempts to dispose of her. As with most of these former BWA ATP’s, she was finally sold on to West Air Sweden, departing for Västerås on February 27th 2002.


History of G-OBWM

1/93 to 12/97

British Aerospace

12/97 to 12/01

British World as G-OBWM

12/01 to 2/02

Receiver for British World

2/02 to Present

West Air Sweden as SE-LPT

(re-reg as LX-WAS 9/07)


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