Viscount G-AMOA

Vickers 701 Viscount – c/n 9

With Channel from Dec 1963 to Jan 1966

While admittedly not having quite as impressive stats as Whiskey Fox above, Viscount G-AMOA could still boast several, single figured digits being only the 6th production aircraft and the 5th Viscount to be delivered to BEA. However, she would be the first of the ex-BEA aircraft to enter service with Channel arriving at SEN few days after the start of New Year in 1964. Two months later, she had been registered, painted and serviced by Channel after which she would go into service flying between Southend and Channel’s two busiest routes – Rotterdam and the Channel Islands, making her inaugural flight to the former on March 26th. With Viscounts now starting to arriving in abundance, Channel was well placed to handle a busy summer and a sign of things to come became evident four days later on the 30th March with Oscar Alpha making eight return trips to Ostend and a return trip to Le Bourget, despite a slight engineering niggle that kept the aircraft on the ground for just under an hour.

As the spring grew warmer still, Channel started to fly the popular bulb trips to Holland with AMOA making a number of trips to Rotterdam duringViscount G-AMOA Eagle April while in May, she would open several routes for the up and coming summer, namely Palma on the 24th, Rimini six days later and Munich on the very last day of the month. Next on the list would be the new, midday Paris service on June 2nd and Barcelona on the 5th with the old favourites of Ostend, Rotterdam and the Channel Islands also being serviced regularly throughout the season by this Viscount. Indeed, it wasn’t long until winter loomed again and with the seasonal drop in passenger numbers came a reduction in operations and thus for the 1964-65 winter period, Oscar Alpha would fly to Speke on November 4th where she was painted up in the livery of Eagle International, after which she would remain, trooping with this company until the following spring.

By April 4th 1965, she was back at SEN and wasted no time returning to service making her first trip of the year to Beauvais on the same day with day trippers and would continue to carry out such trips until the end of the month, although the departure location would change from Southend to Birmingham, OA G-AMOAflying the first of these trips on the 10th. The following month, she would move further north still, beginning operations from Manchester which witnessed the opening of a service between this airport and Barcelona on May 23rd. And thus began another hectic season of Channel crossings on the established I.T. network and scheduled service routes. However, by mid-1965 V.A.S.P. of Brazil had attempted to snap her up, although this deal subsequently fell through and she instead ended her season with a trip to Aldergrove in mid-November where along with stable mate G-AMOJ and two B.Cal. Britannias, OA engaged in trooping work to West Germany. With the new 812 Viscounts due to arrive, G-AMOA was then WFU and sold to Cambrian almost two years to the day that she first arrived at Southend. She was subsequently painted in Cambrian colours without titles and left SEN for Cambridge where she would undergo pre-delivery checks and maintenance.


History of G-AMOA

4/53 – 12/63


12/63 – 1/66

Channel Airways

1/66 – 1/70

Cambrian Airways


DBR during a heavy landing at Lulsgate, Bristol 19/1/70 and later broken up.


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