Robert Bosch AG

Has Operated from Nov 1886 to Present

Country of Origin – Germany/Switzerland

Founder/Director – Robert Bosch

As one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of automotive parts and electrical products, there can be very few people who are not aware of the Bosch brand. However, despite this company’s 19th century roots, it wasn’t until the late 1960s that Bosch finally procured a number of aircraft that were then put to use on behalf of its executives, senior management and V.I.P.s, although these airframes would be registered to its Swiss division rather than the German parent company. Thus it was on July 20th 1970, that H.S.125 HB-VBZ made her very first visit to SEN where she would clear customs before departing for Hawker Siddeley’s at Hatfield where she would receive maintenance before heading back via the same route eight days later. In fact, it was customs clearance for maintenance and executive flights that was the prime reason for this company’s regular visits which continued all the way through until the mid-90s.


Robert Bosch AG aircraft from 1970 to 1995

Beech 90

HB-GDU*– ?/69 to 5/79

Sold to Charter Air as OE-FDU

HB-GDV – 10/69 to 11/82

Sold to Luftfahrzeug Finance

Hawker Siddeley H.S.125

HB-VBZ*– ?/70 to 10/79

Sold to Bristow Helicopters

HB-VGF*– 9/79 to 5/95

Sold to Raytheon Aircraft

HB-VGG*– 10/79 to 5/95

Sold to Raytheon Business Jets


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