Viking G-AGRV

Vickers 498 Viking – c/n 114

With Tradair from May 1960 to Dec 1962

Having been purchased from Hunting Clan, Romeo Victor spent only a short time serving with Tradair before she was finally removed from service and reduced to spares. She flew for roughly 3 months on I.T charter flights to various European destinations including her first flight at the end of May which was to Rome while the following month, she would be seen at Lyons and Rotterdam. Later in the year, she would also cover ad-hoc charters to Titograd and Zagreb during July 1960, up until her removal from service prior to her C of A expiry in August 1960. Needless to say, no expense would be wasted on this aircraft and Tradair kept RV in her original Hunting livery. She was eventually transferred to Channel Airways after the collapse and take over of Tradair on 31st December 1962.


History of G-AGRV

5/46 to 8/46

Ministry of Supply

8/46 to 2/48


2/48 to 7/48

Ministry of Civil Aviation

7/48 to 4/49

James Stewart Travel Ltd

4/49 to 5/51

G.S Sale

5/51 to 5/60

Hunting Clan

5/60 to 12/62


12/62 to 6/63

Channel Airways


WFU at SEN 3/61 and used for spares. Transferred to Channel in 12/62 and B/U during 6/63


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