International Freight Airways (IFA)

Operated from Mar 1977 to c.Jan 1978

Country of Origin – Belgium

Founder/Director – Unknown

Little is actually known about the founding and running of this Ostend based airline which survived for less than a year. Indeed, more is actually known about its single DC-6 which visited Southend a number of times during its short time with IFA. While ‘freight’ may have made up part of the company name, it would appear that where SEN was concerned, its trips comprised mostly of hauling passengers, its first trip to the airport in August 1977 involving the collection of P&O passengers who were summarily whisked away to join a cruise ship. However, by the winter of 1977-1978 operations had ceased and their sole DC-6 remained grounded in Athens until being sold in the U.S. However, she would return to SEN again in October of this year, still in her IFA colours but now operating for Interocean as N84AU.


IFA fleet from 1977 to 1978

OO-IFA – 3/77 to 9/78

Sold in the U.S. as N799TA


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