Operated from c. Dec 1980 to 2000

Country of Origin – Denmark

Founder/Director – Unknown

Details about the origins of this airline are rather sketchy although it would appear that this company initially started out around 1978. Operations however, appear not to have begun until the end of 1980 when it eventually emerged as a Bandeirante operator with several more twins being gradually added to its fleet over the coming years. By the mid-1980s, this airline had replaced its Bandits for F-27s which were used to carry out a mixture of passenger and freight charters. However, with the Danish deregulation of scheduled cargo flights in 1987, Maersk subsidiary Star Air purchased Alkair’s operating licence during September of this year and began to operate freight flights under this company’s name.

While freight flights were the main focus of Star Air’s business model, operations still demanded the servicing of several passenger flight commitments and as such these F-27 were converted into quick change passenger/cargo aircraft. Several other types including biz-twins and biz-jets were also operated primarily on executive or business trips. As far as SEN was concerned, the airport witnessed a number of visits by Alkair’s F-27s during 1987 with at least one of its Lear Jets putting in an appearance during the spring of 1989. The reasons for this airline’s demise are unknown, but it is likely that it was eventually absorbed into Star Air.


Alkair fleet from 1987 to 1990

Fokker F-27 Friendship

OY-APE* – 9/84 to 9/87

Leased to Star Air – Later w/o on approach to Hannover 26/5/88

OY-CCK* – 10/85 to 11/88

Sold to Ratioflug as D-ADEP

OY-CCM – 6/89 to 8/89

Sold to Conair Aviation as C-FGDS

OY-CCN – 7/89 to 11/89

Sold to FTG A/S Flugcharter as D-AFTG

OY-SRB* – 11/88 to 5/89

Leased from Star Air

Gates 35A Lear Jet

OY-CCJ* – 10/89 to 1/98

Sold to Falck

OY-CCT – 9/88 to 3/90

McMoy & Associates Inc as N118MA


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